Introducing The Antidote

The Antidote

Introducing The Antidote

The world is a dumpster fire. Work wives, best friends, and TV writers/producers Amy Aniobi and Grace Edwards want to help. In response to the madness in the news, they share the culture that lights them up and activities that bring them joy, plus strategies they use to cope with these wild times. They also invite inspiring special guests to share their own self-care strategies. And since Grace and Amy are comedy writers, they bring a level of casual, edgy fun to it all. During these trying times we all need a show that focuses on joy. This is The Antidote.


Grace Hey, y'all. I'm Grace Edwards.

Amy And I'm Amy Aniobi.

Grace We're comedy writers and best friends, and we want to inject a little bit of joy into your day.

Amy In our podcast. The Antidote. We're going to recap some bummer news, then tell you what we're doing to stay sane through all the chaos. In other words, we'll give you our antidotes for the week.

Grace Because here's the thing about the world. Everything sucks.

Amy Pandemics. Multiple war zones. Ivy Park. About to bankrupt me again. You get it? Life is hard right now.

Grace Amy is often my antidote.

Amy Oh, you're mine, too.

Grace And we invite very special guests to talk about their strategies for self-care and how they get through the B.S.. We get deep, but we also have a good time.

Amy We talk about everything from politics to pop culture to the trauma of low rise jeans comingĀ  back.

Grace For real. Man, my butt crack is not ready for prime time.

Amy Don't get me started. See, that's why we're here.

Grace So join us Weekly for the antidote. Wherever you get your podcasts.

Amy We look forward to Doomscrolling and surviving together.