Schnecken Meat with Ilana Glazer

Guest Ilana Glazer for The Antidote.

Schnecken Meat with Ilana Glazer

In this episode of The Antidote, hosts Amy Aniobi and Grace Edwards connect with comedian, writer, and actress Ilana Glazer about motherhood, weed, and good trips. 

Amy & Grace share their bummer news of the week: Black women having to defend themselves on primetime and Twitter selling to the highest bidder.  Amy & Grace also share their antidotes for the week, which include indulging in luxurious lifestyle videos and brownie cravings.

This week’s Creative Tap-In: “Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music - the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.”- Henry Miller 


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Amy The world is a dumpster fire. I'm Amy. 

Grace And I'm Grace. 

Amy And we want to help. And fair warning. Our help comes with some strong language attached. So if you got a kid, yeet em. Yeet em right out the window because we about to say some things.

Grace As a reflex to the f---ing madness on the news. We're keeping it positive, uplifting but opinionated.

Amy We talk about cultural moments we love.

Grace Talk to people we adore.

Amy Crushes we have.

Grace And self-care. We stand.

Amy During these trying times. We all need a show that focuses on joy.

Grace This is The Antidote.

Grace Oh, hello. Hi, everyone. To yet another episode of The Antidote. Thank you for coming.

Amy Yeah. This week has been rough for me. I don't know about you, Grace.

Grace Yeah, it's been a long week.

Amy It's been running through me. There's something like COVID is back. She's straight up surging again.

Grace Yeah, she's just like. Like the f---ing groundhog on the day. Like she popped her head up out of the hole and said whoop, whoop, click, click or whatever.

Amy What sounds do groundhogs make?

Grace Five more years of COVID. Five more years. Five more. You thought you all were gon' get out your house. Oh, no, no, no.

Amy No, no, no. I'm here. I'm here to stay. But it's just been rough. I have like four friends who have COVID right now.

Grace I'm so sorry.

Amy Work is working and stress is stressing. I don't know. This is just been one for the books.

Grace It has been a week. I agree. It's been so busy. I've had to wake up so early to do work before work. You know what I'm saying?

Amy I know that.

Grace My work day at work week is not done. I still have some stuff to do today. So tomorrow I'm just getting my nails done. So I'm excited about that. That'll be kind of a mini antidote for me. I'm getting my nails done tomorrow.

Amy I'm so excited for you. Well this week has been rough, but there have been two little bright spots, two little bright spots this week. Listeners, maybe if you follow Grace on Instagram at Gracyact, you might have seen that she had some good news this week.

Grace Oh, thank you, sis. Yes, my show, it's in development at Peacock was announced this week. So yeah, that did make me smile because it's been in the works for a minute and so I'm happy that everybody knows now.

Amy People know people know you a badass. I love that. And second little bit of good news. My good friend Carrie was listening to our podcast last week.

Grace Oh, thank you for the listen, Carrie.

Amy And she mentioned the one of our bummer news items was about the lack of baby formula for mothers, and she mentioned that there is a way to donate to help out.

Grace Great.

Amy You can donate to WIC. It's an organization. I mean, everyone knows WIC, but just in case, it stands for women, infant and Children. And it's a supplemental food program for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding infants and children.

Grace So if you do want to donate, you can go to n, as in Nancy, w, i c a dot org slash donate ( That's n as a Nancy W, I c a dot org slash donate (

Amy Yeah. And also one of those women is my very sister in law. So Shannon also told me that about the WIC services and how you can buy formula. And then if you don't use it, you can sell it back for a lower price. So there there are lots of mothers who can benefit from this. So if you have a free five, ten, $20, consider supporting WIC.

Grace $1,000,000. Even if you have.

Amy All your money. Help the moms.

Grace Help the mommys. Anyway, moving on. We can't have the antidote if we don't have something to get an antidote from. And I'm a little fragile this week, but, you know, we got to do this bummer news. So let's let's get into it.

Amy Here we go. Up top with our bummer news. First up. Oh, my God. Megan Thee Stallion sat down with Gayle King for an exclusive interview on CBS. You know about the shooting and now people are coming for her online. And I do not like it. It's stressing me out.

Grace Like the heat that's building in my chest right now. Okay. I'll let you finish. Tell us about the story.

Amy Yeah, well, I'll just say that for anyone who doesn't know on July 12th of 2020, it allegedly there was an argument, alleged argument between Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion on her- on their way to a party. And she was leaving his car and he allegedly shot her in the foot. And I only say alleged because I'm required to. But the bitch was in the hospital with a shot in her foot. But let's just say it's a bummer, because while we may never know what actually happened, women and specifically Black women always have to justify violence of any kind against them. And that to me, like the fact that she even had felt compelled or was pressured by people to do this interview. And now that she's done it, people are like, but is it true? And people are even more skeptical. After the interview, you're literally asking a woman to relive her trauma on a national stage and then still saying, I don't know if I believe you. And whatever happened to believe women?

Grace Yeah. Also, it's sort of like she had gunshots in her feet. Where they come from? Where.

Amy Where they come from?

Grace Exactly. And we've seen this repeated time after time with Chris Brown and Rihanna and like, oh, you know, women who were walking late at night or jogging early in the morning, like, oh, they shouldn't have been there. They shouldn't have been wearing that. They shouldn't have been doing that. It's always having to justify, like, why violence happens to us. And it's very, very frustrating. And also, people on Twitter, I don't know, maybe sit this one out. You weren't there. You don't- you you are not watching the the court trial. Like so like why don't you just keep your opinions to yourself and not make this poor woman feel so bad that she has to get on TV and be crying in the face? And then y'all still don't believe her like that is that makes me so, so mad and sad.

Amy I completely agree. But the bummer news doesn't stop there. You mentioned Twitter and that's our next bit of bummer news.

Grace Oh, yeah.

Amy Elon Musk, he literally offered Twitter $44 billion to purchase the service and it's a big f---ing deal. He says he wants to make it a place for quote unquote free speech, which terrifies me.

Grace So racist and Nazis and-

Amy Yeah, I don't know his his definition of free, but it feels like it's anti me. Yeah. And also CNN Business writes and I quote, "The answer boils down to the outsized influence of Twitter on public discourse and the uncertainty of what happens when the world's richest man who revels in his unpredictability gains singular control over that influence," end quote. You know what, CNN business. I never read you much before, but I got to say, you reading my mind, because that to me is exactly the issue. There are critics who fear like this guy, just to watch the world burn like the Joker will just open the floodgates back. And basically Trump's version of Twitter will become Twitter.

Grace Yeah. Yeah. I mean.

Amy It used to be a place where we share jokes and what we're eating for lunch.

Grace Also. My dude, if you I was going to say my n----. 

Amy He ain't nobody's n----. He is from South Africa, but he ain't nobody's n----.

Grace Okay. Okay, my dude. What I will say to you is if you have 44, Bill, have you got 44 bill that you can secure financing for - there are better things.

Amy There are better things.

Grace That you can buy. There are better things that you can do with 44 billion than buying a f---ing Twitter like you could. I don't know. End world hunger. You could end homelessness in the United States of America. Like there's so many things you could build an actual legacy that will live behind you that will be like, Oh, that Elon guy, he did something great for the world. Buying Twitter is not the thing that you should be doing with $44 billion.


Amy No. And it's crazy because it just shows how much people will do to have power. It's like, why is everyone trying to get to the moon? It's not, oh, because I want to save the planets. It's so I can go there, you know? And I'm like those that sort of mindset that's more obsessed with power and, and like Guinness Book World Record stats, I'm like that to me is just what is contributing to wage discrepancy, the treatment of workers, the income gap in America, the disappearance of the middle class, like all of it, is just this thirst for power. And I feel like maybe I'm being reductive by putting putting it all in the same bucket. But for me, it just I don't know why it's just a social media site, but it doesn't bode well to me.


Grace Yeah, it feels it feels bad. And these men that are just chasing power, I just. Yeah, I honestly cannot relate at all. Because how many. How many yachts do you need?


Amy Yeah, that's the thing. I'm like, I guess I'm too poor to relate, but. I'm just like. I'm.


Grace I can't relate.


Amy I don't know what I would like to be like. I'd like to fly to the moon. So I'm gonna like, I don't know, I'm just like, what? Can't relate anyway. How do you feel, Grace?


Grace I yeah. Don't feel great after all that. How about you?


Amy Uh, equally sh----.


Grace Okay, well, let's get into this antidote.


Amy So this is the segment where we tell you about the culture we consumed and things we did this week that make us feel better about the bummer news. Grace Please. Make me feel better Make you feel good. What was you antidote?


Grace Make me feel good.


Amy I want to feel good.


Grace I'm saying we in a, we in a mindset this week, so um my antidote this week. I had, you know, I had I was so busy, so I wasn't really able to do anything super out of the ordinary. But then what I already do, which is luxury lifestyle videos on YouTube.


Amy Oh, my gosh. This is very Grace, y'all.


Grace Okay, so here's the thing. I spent a lot of my life not having any disposable income, because if you guys don't know in Hollywood, if you don't have any nepotism or you don't know anyone or you come from the Midwest like I do. Or whatever. It takes a long time. It takes a minute to actually jam your foot in the door because nobody's trying to let you in there. So, you know, it's only been about, I would say, five, six years that I have had any disposable income. So during the pandemic, I decided, okay, you know what, I'm going to like invest some time and some knowledge into learning. Like, where are the cool places to travel? Like, what are the cool things to do? Like, what about all these, like, luxury brands and like, you know, just getting an education and all that kind of stuff. Because, you know, baby, every so often I love to turn an outfit. I'll have like a, like an industry event to go to. And everybody looks so good. So I want to, you know, I want to be looking good, too. And so I, you know, I had time to scroll net-a-porter and I'm not a stylist, so these girls help. So. So the first girl that I'll tell you all about is this girl named Highlowluxxe or whatever. Her real name is Jenee. She's from Virginia. She's a Black girl. And like the name of her channel suggests, she sort of mixes, like, high end pieces with low end pieces. So she'll do, like, a haul of, like stuff from Zara or H&M, but then she'll also tell you about the Louis Vuitton bag or the Valentino bag that she bought, which is great. And so, you know, she'll she'll try on outfits. She got big titties like me so I can see like, especially like the dresses and tops-


Amy Thangs be thanging in them thangs.


Grace Yeah. My thangs be thanging. So I could see like, how it would fit on a larger chested person. And she'll put together outfits. And sometimes I will buy the outfit from the router to the touter. So I'll buy everything from the glasses right down to the shoes. So I'm like, okay, next time I have to go to an event. I'll be stuntin on these hoes because, because Highlowluxxe told me that this is the outfit to wear so I wear it. There's also Monroe Steele, another Black girl based mainly out in New York. She also has stuff down in Miami. So she does these these travel blogs where she'll take you along on her day. So she'll- You'll see her go to brunch, you know, you'll see her like go to an event and she'll tell you about all her, her what she's wearing and like where she's going. So if you go to Miami or if you're in New York, you can see, oh, this is a cute place to go. Monroe told me about this. So it's really like a 360 thing. Like she does a lot more vlogs than any of the other girls. And she also focuses a lot on skincare, which I like as well. Then there's Tamara Kalinic. She's from Serbia, and she's like, travel and ultra, ultra luxury. So when I want to lose myself in a fantasy, like places that, you know, I, you know, I could I haven't been able to go yet. Like she'll go to Switzerland, she'll be on like a private island, private jet, like she has like 12 Hermés bags that are each like $20,000 each. And then she's got like jewelry dripping in diamonds, like, so like her closet is probably millions of dollars or whatever. So it's fun to see that because I'm just like, someday I will do the things that this bitch doing right now.


Amy I bet they will. I want to look at nice things. You just convinced me. I want to look.


Grace Oh, go look. So, Amy, what is your antidote for this week?


Amy My antidote, guys, I think I was PMSing this week, but I was just in a really funky mood all week long. And there's been some bad news on that. It's other people's news. But friends of mine who I've been wanting to support and show love to this week and holding space for that, and then also just things in my own life that are just going a little crooked, that I've just been really sad all week. And like I watched, I rewatched Ali Wong's special cause I was like, I want to feel safe.


Grace Oh, me too. I did it last night. I did it last night.


Amy Are you serious?


Grace No. I did it last night as I was getting my hair done. Yeah.


Amy I did it two nights ago. But but my real antidote this week, because that was already my antidote last week, was that I just had a craving. And this is why I think I was PMSing. I just had a craving. I was like, I want a cinnamon roll. I want a cinnamon roll so bad. I want one right now, right this minute. And I ended a meeting on Zoom and I immediately just started looking on my phone for best cinnamon rolls in Los Angeles. How to deliver a cinnamon roll? Well, I didn't find it, y'all. I didn't find it was 4 p.m.. And most of the best cinnamon rolls in Los Angeles places either don't deliver where I'm at or end delivery in the morning or close at four. So I was like incensed and I was like, What do I do to get this thing that I want? And then I found that there is a place called Bronte Bakes. I don't even know where it is, but it delivers to my hood. And I found this place and they had a cinnamon roll flavored brownie. And I was like. I want it. I want it. But you can't just order one brownie for delivery. So, you know, I ordered a box of six because that's what you do when you one thing. You order too many.


Grace That's fair.


Amy It was delightful. It was in my hands. 45 minutes after I pushed order on Postmates.


Grace That's what I want to hear.


Amy I tipped the driver. Too much money. Because I was so grateful that he delivered one box of brownies. And, guys, let me tell you, the brownies were delicious. Not only did I get two cinnamon roll brownies. I also got a red velvet brownie, a gluten free chocolate chip brownie, just to see if the gluten free was good. I also got an Oreo brownie and the sixth brownie was a classic. A classic brownie. My only beef with the classic brownie was that it had, uh, too many chocolate chips in it. And I'm like a real classic brownie. Why you got chips in there? It should be all moist, squishy-ness.


Grace Just moist cake. Cakeness. Yeah. Yeah.


Amy So but I ordered I ordered the box and I ate three the minute they arrived.


Grace Listen I support.


Amy And then three the next day.


Grace I support I support it sometimes that that craving just satisfying that craving. Like especially when you've been denying yourself for a while, you know, I know both of us are on our little fitness journeys. We tryna keep it snatch. We livin-.


Amy I deleted my whole week of fitness.


Grace Exactly like, you know we try to you know, we try to live in Los Angeles and survive, you know, these hoes out here, you know, on our necks. So I feel like, you know, when you be denying yourself and ooh that first little bite I know that the hit right.


Amy The way the way I like I literally opened the box opened it up, stood at my counter was like, ahhhhh.


Grace Over the sink. Yes, bitch, don't even warm it up. Don't put it on a plate.


Amy Now, I was like, room temp. Room temp is the best temp. Or car temp because it came out of somebody's car. I do love you mentioned that getting that craving like satisfying the craving right away. And I feel like this week you satisfied your craving for luxury goods?


Grace Yes.


Amy By looking at these videos and I satisfied my craving for empty guilt free calories. We'll be back after this break.


Grace Welcome back to The Antidote. We have a special guest today. Who is it, Amy? 


Amy Girl, this one's a treat. Our listeners may know her best as the co-creator and star of Comedy Central smash hit Broad City. But I know her as a bad bitch and a great mom. Like she f---ed around during the pandemic and co-created the sweetest baby girl, and she somehow makes breastfeeding and compression socks look good. Her comedy special. I know how? Her comedy special, The Planet Is Burning, premiered on Amazon Prime in January 2020, and she played Justin Theroux's wife, on screen and in my dreams, in the recent horror film that she also co-wrote called False Positive. She's an activist and feminist queen, and even during midterm elections, she stays horny for the polls. So put on your socks, get out the vote and make some noise for Grace and my dear friend, the incomparable, incredible Ilana Glazer. 


Ilana Glazer Hi! Hey hey hey. Aw, thank you so much. That was really generous and delicious for me to take in.


Grace And thank you so much for being here. You're very, very impressive. But we are not here to talk about your many, many, many accomplishments. We're here to get deep.


Amy Yeah. Let's check in first. How are you feeling today? Like, for real, not small talk. Is there anything that's weighing on you?


Ilana Glazer It's such a crazy time. It's so crazy that we grew up without the Internet and then grew up with the Internet. I'm 34.


Grace Yeah, like.


Ilana Glazer I think we're around the same age. Like, it is so wild. Like, our brains are, you know, like. My baby's eight months old. She knows what a camera lens is, and that it means that the attention's on her. And when I tell you her poses, I'm stealing her poses, they're so natural.


Amy Please show us one.


Ilana Glazer Ok, this is one.


Amy It's a podcast. People can't see it. But we will describe it.


Ilana Glazer This is one.


Grace Young icon. Young icon.


Amy Listeners, her head was tipped to the side, her mouth open, saying, like, Hey.


Ilana Glazer Exactly. And like. It's like, okay. So as dark as I do feel all the f---ing time. All the f---ing time. I'm also like, there's like, equal beauty and magic going on, and that is equally as challenging to hold. I find.


Grace Yes.


Amy Yes. Yeah. Two things can be true. Favorite expression from therapy. It's like the world is burning and.


Ilana Glazer F---ing amazing.


Amy I got a real cute pair of jorts.


Ilana Glazer Yeah, yeah. And they make me feel good. Yeah, yeah. It's crazy.


Amy Yeah. Well, let's talk about what is your antidote this week? In other words, what's something non-work related that's bringing you joy this week? This month.


Ilana Glazer Okay. So the the umbrella thing for me all the time right now is my baby. Like, I can't even tell you the yiddish word for, like, thick legs is pulkies. Her pulkies are just are, are. I'm like, girl, you're lucky I don't literally eat. Consume you back into my belly. Oh, my God. Her hands are like circles. Oh, she's so chunky. It's hilarious. It is hilarious.


Amy I love a chunky baby.


Ilana Glazer My. My partner, he's half Jewish. Half like German, like O.G. German. Moved to this country in the 1700s. His mom and it's his mom. She makes this like German treat called Schnecken and I like-


Amy What is that? I mean I want it.


Ilana Glazer It's it's really good it's kind of like rugelach if you know what rugelach is but with raisins.


Grace Yeah yeah.


Ilana Glazer Instead of chocolate. And I call my baby's like neck fat Schnecken so her Schnecken, so her Schnecken- and I mean there's no meat in Schnecken but I call her, it's her Schnecken meat.  Her Schnecken meat is so chunky and bountiful. I mean, it's just even like cleaning up her sh--. I'm just like, weee, it's like, so delicious and delightful. It's crazy. It's so insane. It's like, it's just crazy. So that's the umbrella thing, but like, that's like, so overwhelming that, like, a smaller thing is diluting. I'm such a nerd, diluting drinks with water, like, half coconut water, half water and just drinking that up, just drinkin that up. It's like electrolytes and sugar, but also I'm like watered down. I don't need the whole, like, sugary.


Amy All the sugar.


Ilana Glazer Right?


Grace You get the little essence of it, but then you're hydrating yourself. Yes.


Ilana Glazer That's right. And also like during that with seltzer.


Amy That's a good antidote.


Ilana Glazer Yes. Yes. I believe I got to- props to Matt Shapiro, my friend, who in the beginning of COVID, he was like, life hack. This is getting me through with seltzer, too. I'm getting too old for full on bubbles. I got to water that down.


Amy Real burpee.


Ilana Glazer Yeah, I'm a bag of gas. I don't need to remind myself my aging via belch so water it down and just take a chill pill. Water it down.


Amy Can I give you one more?


Ilana Glazer Yeah.


Amy Someone once said, like, because I'm getting to the age where two alcoholic drinks makes me fully fall asleep.


Ilana Glazer Completely.


Amy And someone said between each drink have sparkling water with bitters. Like if you're out. Have a cocktail. Then sparkling water with bitters. It tastes like a cocktail, but it's nothing.


Ilana Glazer I love it.


Amy And the next drink have a cocktail.


Ilana Glazer I love it.


Grace That's good because you're like. It's like a hydration sandwich. Yeah, it's like drink. Okay, hydration. We're not getting all the way there. And then another drink.


Ilana Glazer And also the bitters is a little bit like hello, like wakes you up a little bit. Love that.


Amy Wake up, bitch.


Ilana Glazer Yeah, wake up, bitch. You're at the club. Oh, I love it. I love it. That's great.


Amy That's amazing. It sounds like looking at your baby brings you a lot of joy and settles your soul. Is that something like when we're all doomscrolling- is that something that gives you relief or are there other things that you do-


Ilana Glazer Oh my God, that's that's another antidote is I have like, I can barely touch ground on Instagram. Like, it feels like a physical hold. It feels like my brain is melting out my eyes and nose into the phone. And then I'm like, no, no, no, no, no, no. And I like it. Get the f--- off. Freaks me out.


Grace 1,000%. I think that that's just, like, great to do. Just to take social media breaks. I think that's just healthy for everyone. And maybe like, try getting your news from some place else on Twitter. I'm. Talking to myself right now.


Ilana Glazer Yeah. Do you guys know Democracy Now?


Amy Yes. 


Ilana Glazer That's the sh-- for me. Like the headlines for 20 minutes. And then if you want to go deeper, you go deeper. But it is like it's the, um. It's like quick. It's such a gut punch. Like, oh, but it's like,.


Amy Yeah, I've gotten it all.


Ilana Glazer Yeah. I'm like, I'm going to go puke after this 20 minutes headlines, but it's like, at least like the real sh-- and pretty efficient.


Amy Yeah, because I used to for a minute I was listening to The Daily and it was too deep, like, yeah, 20 minutes of like and here the death rate- and I was just.


Ilana Glazer A little too emotional, right? For me.


Amy And they always try to put a positive bit in there but I'm like. Mhm.


Grace What would you say is your favorite place in the world? Would you say it's back home in New York? Would you say it's just any other place like what is the place that you're like, oh, when I go there I feel most myself most relaxed. What would you say that is?


Ilana Glazer We've been going to the Bahamas for the past few years and we took our baby this Christmas. And I would say there it's just like the, the, the, especially during like the winter months, the tropical climate is like sh--, it just like my hair, my skin is meant to be there. I love the whole East Coast. I mean, I'm in Florida right now and I'm like thrilled. Mhm. Um. But yeah, I would say the Bahamas. Um, I have a I have a question because Grace just asked me what's one of my what's like my favorite place to be or one of my favorite places? You guys have traveled a lot together, right?


Grace Yeah.


Amy Yeah.


Ilana Glazer So what's like one of your favorite places that you've gone? Because your traveling inspires me.


Grace Well, I would have to say Portugal. Like we went on a trip right before the pandemic. Like we left-


Amy Days before


Grace like December, like December 2019 to like, like almost mid-January 2020. We went on a trip, we went to Barcelona, we went to two cities in Portugal. The Douro Valley. We went to Porto, we went to Lisbon. And yeah.


Amy It was amazing. Literally, people would be like, Yeah, American, would you like free treats? I was like, How, why? Why are they so nice?


Grace And yeah, the least racism I've ever felt. Probably anywhere outside of like a brown country or a Black country. So it was.


Ilana Glazer Wow, that's so lit.


Grace Yeah, I loved it. It was great.


Amy Yeah, it was great. Lisbon in particular, it's very hilly, lots of little cobblestone streets, and the food was absolutely fantastic. The only people who were mean to us were other tourists. The Portuguese were delighted by our presence.


Grace Everything like to the point where, by the way, I might have had COVID in Portugal. But, you know, let's. Let's let's just put that to the side really.


Ilana Glazer It's all good.


Grace I was really sick. So we went to this one restaurant and the waiter was just like, I see you're sick. Let me bring you some cold medicine. And he did. He brought me some cold- he went to the store, got me some cold medicine.


Amy It was like a cartoon.


Grace Then I asked the bartender if he could make a hot toddy. He did not know how to make it.


Amy Didn't know what it was.


Grace He looked it up.


Amy Looked up the ingredients.


Grace Made it. And brought it to me. And he was like, so like, do you like it? I was just like, Where am I? Yes, they were amazing. I was like, This must be what it's like to be like a white male billionaire.


Amy It was wild.


Ilana Glazer That's it. That's so dope.


Grace It was great.


Grace That's f---ing lit. I love a hot toddy. Love a hot toddy. But delivered by what I'm picturing. A gorgeous Portuguese bartender.


Amy He was gorgeous. He was gorgeous.


Grace He was. The people are-


Amy He was like cleaning a glass and being like, is it good? And I'm like, yes, clean that glass.


Grace And we're like, Yes, thank you so much.


Ilana Glazer Yeah, that's such a hot one as a favorite place. Portugal.


Grace Mm hmm.


Amy Yes. I'm curious, do you have any rituals in your life that help calm you? And I actually I want to ask specifically about weed, if that's okay, because I know when you were pregnant, you stopped smoking. And I'm like, if feels like that was probably a ritual that calmed you. Like, how did you cope?


Ilana Glazer Well, it's funny with weed, I, I don't know what your guys's usage is.


Grace I now love a gummy to to wine me down at night.


Ilana Glazer Nice. And also it's like so awesome in L.A. the way it's like set up. Yes, obviously legally. But like. Just like as, uh, just boutiques. It's such a well-oiled machine. Well, what makes me laugh about weed is that it causes anxiety first before it causes its chill.


Grace Oh really?


Ilana Glazer For me anyway. I'll get high and I'm like. What have I done? And then I like, slide. I get over some hump and then I slide into being like, this is what it is and what being high is, my friend, Mary. But yeah, I like to I used to like smoke and then go, you know, go walk around the city. And now what I really like to do is just. Get high at home, like maybe after my baby has gone to sleep. And, yeah, it's so it's such a nice thing to associate with home. I it's so funny. Like, I used to just go out, freak out and then be like, high and chill. And it's, it's, it's just like, what kind of, like, self challenge. I thought it was like an exercise. Yeah, I love to smoke it. I like a gummy, but I'm not- like edibles. You can't control as much. And I'm a pretty like controlled person believe it or not. Mhm. So only if I'm starting like really early will I do a gummy so that I can because it gets you going to like. It chills me out but also gets me going. Um, but yeah to get high and take a bath is uh- I really like a joint. I smoke out of like glass bowls or a glass little one-header. But I love just like a sip of a joint, one or two sips of a joint and a bath with Epsom salts, I mean.


Grace Oh wow.


Ilana Glazer Call that a Saturday.


Amy Like what.


Grace Oh that's an antidote. Yeah. That's a, that's a good one. I want to try that.


Ilana Glazer Oh so good.


Amy I want a bath and satls. Why don't I bath? I mean, I shall.


Grace Wait. I was just like Amy.


Ilana Glazer You mean take baths. You bathe, Amy. You're. You're a successful writer.


Grace You bathe, you don't you don't take baths.


Amy Yeah, I'm not Ashton Kutcher. I shower daily. But why don't I take baths? I- like there's a bath tub at my house and I've never used it.


Ilana Glazer And also like generic brand Epsom salts, you know what I mean? Just like whatever. It just so the salts make it like, I don't know, it's so good, so good and like to hydrate before and after. I love it.


Amy First of all, I just want to say, because I know we've touched on a few antidotes and we didn't even talk about the power of friendship as an antidote. And you and Abby's friendship, I mean, you're a new mother. You're super busy. How have you found ways to stay, touch with your friends and the people you love?


Ilana Glazer That's such a good question because it's like hard and there's this like, I think this there's this moment right now and I've I've just started to like I've been in touch with my friends, but it's been like hurried and rushed and whatever. And I'm just kind of starting to go that the whole key is gentle, being gentle with myself and going gently. So just like touching base with my friends, one friend at a time and knowing that I'm going to get to everybody. There used to be this like Rush and the feeling of like task with friendships where I'm like, Yeah. And it's like, your friends don't want to be a task. You don't want to be a task for your friends. So like going gently and like taking whatever time it takes to actually enjoy it is important to me just what seeing one friend this week and one like phone call, whatever when I can. Mhm. So really slowly, really slowly and gently and just like holding my shape with myself inside my own mind where I'm like I'm not a bad friend for not getting back to everybody immediately and I'm thinking of whoever and like sending them, you know, thinking of them and, and loving them from here. Mhm. But yeah. Just having those limits with myself, really working against the like harsh voice to be like it's okay when you, when you are ready to come to this friend is when it'll come together. So yeah. And I think like a baby is this clear timeline, new life, these milestones it's yeah it's easy to pin around her but it really this really relates to before I had a baby before I was pregnant and where and I've been on this, this continuum of like less task oriented and just, like, making the space to just be with a friend.


Grace Yeah. Mm hmm. That's wonderful. I mean, and I love what you said about, like, friends don't want you to think of them as a task. Yes, because sometimes I do. Yeah. That I'm just like, oh, this person. I haven't talked to them in a while.


Ilana Glazer Yeah.


Grace Yeah. I got to I got to figure out a time to like, you know, text back and forth. Like, I'm not a big texter back and forth. Like some people can text their friends all day, like, and there's very few people I can do that with me. Amy is one of them, but like certain friends from back home in Michigan are just like, want to ask me all these questions? And I'm just like, Oh, this is becoming a task and I need to stop doing that and realize that they will still care and love me anyway if I don't exchange like 80 texts a day.


Ilana Glazer Yeah, totally.


Amy I love that. And also, it gives us an excuse to hang out with you like, you know, like touch base with you.


Ilana Glazer Same. So the same.


Amy This is great. Cheat code awesome. I mean that it's.


Ilana Glazer Thank you so much for having me.


Grace Thank you for being here. Bye. Now we're doing our creative tap in in which we tap, tap, tap in to our creativity. Amy and I are both writers, so being creative brings us joy. And this is a podcast about joy.


Amy So Grace is going to surprise me with a quote about creativity, and I'm going to let her know what it makes me think.


Grace Okay, here we go. "Develop interest in life, as you see it, in people, things, literature, music. The world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself." I'll read it one more time. "Develop interest in life as you see it in people, things, literature, music. The world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself." And that is by Henry Miller.


Amy I've never heard this quote before, but I've literally said the essence of it to so many people, because this is why I'm a writer. It's my love for forgetting myself. Sometimes it's really hard for me. I have anxiety and it's hard for me to get out of my head. But when I get to, like, go to a museum and I'm like, my job is to absorb this art. Or I have coffee at an outdoor café and I'm like, Listen to the conversations around you. Watch the traffic in the street. What is that crazy person doing outside? Like, that's when I feel in-tune with the world and I feel fully present. And that's why I'm a writer. Like, that's why I love this quote. Because it's literally the reason I love what I do. And the reason that I feel. Like I don't know. I always sort of think that, like, writers aren't always the most interesting people. We just know how to to write about the most interesting people, characters and places and experiences. We know how to tap into what's interesting in the world, and I don't know if other writers would be like, Hey, I'm plenty interesting, but I'll say this like, I'm a type-A Virgo, Virgo child of immigrants. Like, all I do is study. Like, I'm not that interesting, but I love being able to forget myself and create from a space of being tapped into culture in the world around me and what other people are doing, what other people are feeling, and how those feelings and emotions and experiences can be universal. It's literally why I do what I do. So this quote is beautiful. I'm obsessed with it and I want to know what it makes you think.


Grace Well, first of all, I don't- I want to contradict that you are not an interesting person. I think that you're very interesting, but I understand what you're saying, that part of what makes you an interesting person is that you're curious about other people. I think that people who are who would consider themselves interesting or whatever but are not curious about people are probably not as interesting as they think they are. I think that what makes someone interesting is what they're into and what they're curious about. So what it makes me think is I spent a lot of time as a child feeling very isolated in many ways. I was like the only Black child at, you know, a white Catholic school, the only Black kid in my class. I didn't even fit in necessarily with the Black kids because, you know, my parents were immigrants and I had different lunches than everybody else. And I wasn't really tapped in to the Black American experience because, you know, when I was little, my parents had just come over from a whole other continent. Yeah, Guyana in South America. So what I learned and how I became a writer, how became an artist, is that I was being excluded anyway. So I learned to like observe people. So I turned it- what was a really tough time for me where I was being bullied. I turned all of that stuff into art because- and that was became my coping mechanism. So.


Amy Yep.


Grace Yes. Like a girl would be cartoonishly mean to me and call me all kinds of things. But then I began to become curious about like what would make somebody like that like and then I would begin to observe things about that person in and it actually could give me compassion sometimes because I saw how insecure that person was or like that, you know, their mom picked them up and their mom yelled at them to get into the car. So maybe she's yelling at me because her mom yells at her. And so I began to see like the things I was going through. They still hurt, but at the same time I began to have them have a purpose. Yeah. So that this whole idea of, like, forgetting yourself was like a coping mechanism that I had for a long time. And now that I'm not in that place of being bullied and all that, I still carry that with me. As sometimes, you know, I'm still an introverted person. So my instinct when I'm at a party, I still just want to talk to like one person. So me being successful at a party is like talking to three people to have in-depth conversations. And I really enjoy like digging into that person. I'm not a person who wants to have small talk with a bunch of people. I want to have a deeper conversation with two or three people at the party, so forgetting myself, being curious about the person that's in front of me sort of feeds my art still because like a quirk that they have a line that they say, Yeah, the way that they move their head is all like fodder for like characters or anything. And that's why I think personally I love being a writer too, is just being able to see these little things in people and draw them out and make them into work, so-


Amy I love that. I love that quote. Henry whoever his face sounds like a white man.


Grace Henry Miller.


Amy I f---s with them.


Grace Yeah. So thanks for listening to The Antidote. We hope this injected a little bit of joy into your week. I know it did mine. How about you, Amy?


Amy I feel good, girl. We should do this again sometime. Oh, we'll be here next week.


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