Trusting the Water with Laci Mosley

The Antidote Special Guest Laci Mosley

Trusting the Water with Laci Mosley

In this episode of The Antidote, Amy and Grace connect with actress and comedian Laci Mosley about amazing first dates, swimming, and ancestry.

Amy & Grace share their bummer news of the week: U.S. inflation reached a 40-year high in June, and New York’s nuclear attack PSA worried residents. 

Amy and Grace also share their antidotes for the week, which include: twerking on a boat and celebrating friends. 

This week’s Creative Tap-In: 

“As is the case with most people in this game, I am driven by financial motives and creative motives; the question I had to answer is which motive I will give priority to?” -Nipsey Hussle 


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Amy The world is a dumpster fire. I'm Amy.

Grace And I'm Grace.

Amy And we want to help. And fair warning. Our help comes with some strong language attached. So if you've got some kids, put some headphones on them, hand them a little iPad, tuck them into another room. Because we about to say some things.

Grace As a reflex to the f---ing madness on the news. We're keeping it positive, uplifting, but opinionated.

Amy We talk about cultural moments we love.

Grace Talk to people we adore.

Amy Crushes we have.

Grace And self-care we stand.

Amy During these trying times, we all need a show that focuses on joy.

Grace This is The Antidote. Hi, everybody. Welcome. We're back again. Back, back, back again.

Amy Yeah. And today we're coming to you from Santa Barbara.

Grace Santa Barbara. Me and Amy are in the same house.

Amy Yeah, she's right on the other side of the door.

Grace Yeah, yeah. I can say I'm waving at her right there. Yeah.

Amy You all can't see that. It's a podcast. But I'm waving right now.

Grace But I'm high fiving. High fiving your high five.

Amy Santa Barbara seaside coastal community filled with many old people. Lots of wine, greenery and good food.

Grace Yeah. And you see-

Amy Light on seasoning.  

Grace Oh, light on seasoning. You right.

Amy Why did I just drag Santa Barbara?

Grace I don't, like we. It's beautiful. Here we are. We're happy to be here. And our house is very adorable. And, you know, you can see the mountains as you're driving. You see like little, little vineyards. It's very, very adorable. Very cute.

Amy Yeah, it's like idyllic. It was really nice at twilight and we were driving to dinner and seeing, like, the whole city kind of city town, big town, kind of light up before our eyes. I was like, Oh, this is pretty. I get why people come here.

Grace Yeah. Yeah. And it was, like, very pretty to just, you know, even in the morning, just to, like, look out at the mountains and the palm trees and and our backyard is really nice. We have, like, citrus trees in the backyard. It's just like very tranquil vacation. Like, I don't I don't know if I would call this a vacation. It's just like we just had to get out of town.

Amy Work-cation, work-cation. Yeah. For anyone wondering why are they, like, in Santa Barbara together? Like, what? Is this romantic in a way? Well, first of all, I love Grace, so it is a romantic getaway. But part two, we just need to get out of town and wanted to get some work done in another environment. Like, you know, after our little chat with another guest of ours, we realized that, you know, we need to find more moments of spontaneity and get out of the house, do things that are a little different. So here we are.

Grace Yes, thanks, Alok. And yeah, it's just nice to sometimes get away from a common space. And I moved to the Los Angeles area kind of right before the pandemic. So there's so much of California that I have yet to explore. So this is my first time in Santa Barbara. So I was just like, Oh yeah, be nice to see some sh-- I'm never seen. And so I'm excited that I'm seeing as like, Oh, I got to come back here. This is cute.

Amy Yeah, she cute?

Grace Yeah, it is very cute. So, Amy. Well, we wouldn't need an antidote if you didn't have something to get an antidote from.

Amy Yeah, that's right. Starting now, up top with our bummer news of the week. Okay, guys, first thing up is that did you know U.S. inflation has reached a new 40 year high in June? Is that a high of 9.1%? I am amazed. This is a bummer because as prices go up, there's a higher risk of a recession. The Consumer Price Index, or CPI, stood at 9.1% in June, a significant increase from 8.6% in May. Oh, my God. It just sounded like a math major. I'm just going to say that, right?

Grace Oh, my God. Who is this CNN reporter?

Amy Thank you.

Grace CNBC diva, okay.

Amy Call me Connie Chung. Anyway, that's according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not to me, just reading stats from others. That is the largest 12 month increase since December 1981. And apparently the typical American household now needs to spend 493 more dollars per month to buy the same goods and services they did at this time last year. That information is coming from Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics. Mark, call me - I too am an economist. If you just heard me repeat your sentence. Yeah, it's clear. We speak the same language.

Grace I think we've found a new career for our friend, Amy.

Amy I mean. Should I give up writing?

Grace He-.

Amy Should econ? Should I econ?

Grace Well, Beyonce said release your job so.

Amy Say less, queen. Say less.

Grace So yeah I mean that is not cool. But Saadia Zahidi, managing director at the World Economic Forum, said that women have been disproportionately affected by the cost of living crisis following labor market losses during the pandemic and insufficient care infrastructure such as for the elderly or children. So not only is everyone struggling, women in particular are struggling, and it's just sort of typical. We all struggle more because we just don't have enough support in this country. So I know a lot of my friends who have small children in particular had to leave their jobs during the pandemic or the height of the pandemic, I should say, while everything was shut down because they couldn't send their kids to school. So that's there. And then, you know, so they left their jobs. So they. Already don't have enough money. And then now, you know, prices are rising and, you know, they can't find childcare. It's it's awful that, you know, things that affect the United States of America tend to disproportionately make things harder for women in general.


Amy Yeah, for women and people of color. But Grace and I recently watched a New York nuclear attack PSA that has gone out to residents. It's 90 seconds long advising them how to prepare for a nuclear attack. And look, preparation for emergency is great, but I'm going to say this video is a bummer because it's bad. It's a bad video.


Grace It's a bad video. And then also, like, why are you, like stroking fears? I was like, we're already going through enough. Is 22 not enough for you guys? Like there's a war in Ukraine, there's f---ing inflation through our ass like we just heard. And like there's so many things going on that we're worried about, about our politics. So we need this on top of everything else. Like for why? Whose decision was this?


Amy Yeah, it's literally crazy, especially because they say a nuclear attack has happened in New York. Don't ask me how or why. And I'm like, Oh, cool. So we're starting from a place of no information. And then they give three pieces of advice. They say, Get inside. There is no inside. It's a nuclear attack. It's coming for you. Part two is stay inside. Yeah, I'm dead, so I'm staying where I lay. And then part three is stay tuned to media. You know it's not going to work after nuclear attack. The phones.


Grace Yeah. It's sort of like, yeah, you're just kind of f---ed. I mean, it sort of feels like, you know, I think back in the day during the Cold War, they used to have children get under desks and stuff like that. And it's sort of like. Yeah, like New York's a f---ing island. If a nuclear bomb drops on New York, it's a f---ing wrap. It's a wrap. Like there's nothing that you're going to really be able to do at that point. So alarming people when there's just so much going on already, just seems needless unless there's some threat. And if there's a threat, you need to tell us or whatever so we could go. If we don't want to be there, you know, just don't like be like just in case, you know. And then guess what? If there's a bomb that's dropped, you're not gonna remember all that sh--? Like, you're just not, you're just not going to remember. Like, you'll be so distressed, like, figuring out what the f--- happened or where are you or trying to get away. Like, and literally the advice is nothing specific. It's just like, go inside.


Amy That's what's crazy. I can't believe that. The whole mayor. The whole mayor. Who's Eric Adams? I got to talk to him because he literally said, oh, it's a very low probability of attack in New York, but we're just taking necessary steps after what happened in Ukraine. And now I'm scared.


Grace So. Yeah. Now you bring it up Ukraine. Because, you know, Ukraine, they're going through it, you know, like, yeah, death and destruction raining from the skies. So, like, why you comparing New York to Ukraine? Like, what do y'all know that we don't know? Like.


Amy Tell us, tell us or just like, keep these videos to yourself. And he says it's part of a large number of emergency preparedness announcements that they're in the works doing. And this is like the first one.


Grace Oh, okay. Well, why the first one, though? That should be the last one. You're like, oh, it should be in order of likelihood.


Amy Yes. Fire, hurricane, flood.


Grace Yeah. Those things are more likely to happen. I was in New York during Hurricane Sandy, so you should do that one first. Do that one because that one could actually happen unless you know something we don't know. But then.


Amy Once again.


Grace Once again or whatever, you're going to be all right, because you're going to be in the bunker under the city, mayor. But the rest of us just gonna be out here. Just like go inside. And if you got some nukes on you. If you got some nuclear dust on you, just wash it off.


Amy Wash it off. Don't use hair conditioner. Don't use conditioner. It'll make it stick. That's all I know. That's what I know about.


Grace Yeah, well,.


Amy Radioactive ash.


Grace We don't need this, Mr. Mayor.


Amy Thanks, but no, thanks.


Grace Yeah, thanks, but no thanks. Oh.


Amy Now I got that to worry about. Oh, how do you feel, Grace?


Grace Like a nuclear bomb exploded inside of me.


Amy Oh, no.


Grace And I can't get inside. No, I don't feel very nice. I don't feel great. How about you?


Amy Very much that. Very much the same. Yeah, it's giving sadness.


Grace All right, well, let's give ourselves the antidote.


Amy So this is the segment where we tell you about the culture we consumed and the things we did this week that made us feel better about the bummer news. What was your antidote this week, Grace?


Grace Um, well, as the listeners know and as you know, I went on a vacation. I went to Lisbon, Amsterdam and Antwerp for a few hours. And probably one of my favorite things that I did in Portugal, my friend booked us a little boat tour thing, which was in the evening just as the sun was setting. And it was three of us in our party, like my friend, my friend's friend. And, you know, some other people were on the boat. It was like ten people on the boat, and they gave us snacks and wine and the sun was going down. And then they let me be in charge of the music. And.


Amy Okay. DJ Grace.


Grace I, of course, played my new favorite song, Break My Soul with, by Beyonce. And I was just living my best life on that boat. So dancing on that boat was my antidote. It was so pretty. I was like, away. I was with a friend that I don't get to see very often. And I met a new friend, and the guy who was driving the boat was so nice and kept bringing us wine. And it was just like a moment of, you know, my life, a lot of the time I wasn't able to travel because, you know, it took me a while to get my career started. And so it was just the moment like on that boat being like, Wow, look what I get to do now. Like, look at what all my hard work allows me to do right now. And it was just fun. And the weather was perfect. And I had so much footage of me twerking to Beyonce on that boat. And then we played Rihanna. We played so many fun songs, and Portugal got a little bit of ratchet music, you know, that they might not be accustomed to over there. But we had we just lived our best life, got our whole life on that boat. And it just gave me a moment to reflect on how far I have come up until this moment. And yeah, so that really I was away from America, which helped to not think about all the ills that are going on in America. And I just felt free and Black and on the boat and living and dancing.


Amy I felt on the boat. I felt free, I felt black, I felt on the boat.


Grace On the boat. Like I was getting the spray from the river. Like on my face. And I was just holding on to the sails and twerking it down to the bottom. It was so much fun and I'm glad and I didn't fall in the water because that would have been bad. But I didn't fall in the water because my friend made sure I didn't, because I was right there on the edge twerking on that boat. So that was definitely my antidote this week. It just made me so happy. And even right now, just like reliving it and imagining it just brings a smile to my face. Yeah. So what was your antidote this week, Amy?


Amy Well, I actually think I'm going to change my mind. I was originally going to say it was an antidote for me, was producing the first short film for my writers program. I have a writers program called Tribe Mentoring, a large number of independent and intermediate level writers. And we ended up shooting our first short from one of the writers this last weekend. And my executive Anj and I produced it. And it was really wonderful because like getting to light up in that way or to give someone the feeling of that. I made my art, that feeling that makes me so happy. The only other thing that makes me that happy is giving other people that feeling. And so it was really wonderful to have those moments, but I realized that was technically work. Like it was work related. So that was going to be my antidote. And it is kind of. But then I realized I had another antidote. I had a double dose of seeing my friends shine this week. Last Wednesday was the premiere for the new show Rap Sh--. That's coming out on HBO Max. It premieres on Thursday, tomorrow night. And it is like literally it's such a dope show. It's created by Issa Rae, showrunner Syreeta Singleton, starring Aida Osman, KaMillion, Jonica Booth, Daniel Augustin. It's such a fire cast, it's so great. And I directed Episode six, so they let me come to the premiere. I was like, I get to go? And I was so happy to be there. And then I came home from that premiere and I watched my other friend's show, Phoebe Robinson on Freeform. Her new show, Everything's Trash premiered, and I got to watch that in a drunken haze after going to a premiere party. And I'm just at home drinking water like a good bitch because I was like, I'm not trying to wake up hungover. So I'm drinking water and watching my other friends show. And I was just like, This is a night of Black lady excellence. I just, like, was overwhelmed with this feeling of pride and joy. Watching my friend shine and Phoebe's show is so funny and so, just, like, comedically, just being fun. It's just a really fun show. And I love that it explores the sibling relationship because I have a really close relationship with my older brother and getting to watch that on screen, I've never really seen that like Black siblings portrayed with that much like comic value and love. So that was really great too. And I realized like that was the real antidote because I could have come home and just gone to bed. I was already feeling good. I wasn't like looking for more reasons to feel great. But I told myself I really wanted to watch it on the night it premiered, you know, get them streams. And that was my antidote because I woke up like rethinking of jokes from the show and stuff and being like, Oh my God, this is so fun. So that felt really good. And I just, I feel. There are times in life where it feels like you are more focused on what work you are doing and how you are performing and if you are getting ahead. And I do have those moments, but every now and then my brain like lets me release that and just have like the joy of sitting and other people success. And that feels really good. Like realizing that, like, people who look like me are doing great things and that's an antidote for me. And that's what this last week was. From the short film to the premiere of Rap Sh-- to the premiere of Everything's Trash. It just felt like, wow, just like being able to support amazing people.


Grace Yeah, that's incredible. I mean, I can't wait to see Rap Sh-- our friend Syreeta is the showrunner. And of course, well, I'm just a gorgeous angel, so talented. I used to share an office with her at Insecure and so I'm so proud of her. And of course, Isa, we stand from the beginning. So, yes, definitely supporting your friends and and feeling pride in people that you know or even people that you don't know that look like you, that that are having these dazzling successes is it does make you feel good to just be like, oh, we're marching in the right direction. Like things are bad at times. But there's these glimmers of hope and these glimmers of light both in the world and in our industry, that that is so important to remember.


Amy Yeah. We'll be back after the break. Welcome back to The Antidote. We have a special guest today. Who is it, Grace?


Grace Our guest today is an accomplished comedian and actress hailing from Texas who has been making you laugh on shows such as a Black Lady Sketch Show, iCarly, and the upcoming Lopez versus Lopez on NBC. You can also catch her as a contributor to the ABC series The Con. This Queen stans a scammer. So it's only fitting that she hosts the very funny Webby Award winning podcast Scam Goddess. Please welcome the scamming goddess herself, Laci Mosley.


Laci Mosley Hello. I'm just trying to match the energy of y'all's beautiful voices. I'm like, hello.


Grace Oh, thank you.


Laci Mosley Hi. Hey. Lovely to be here. Because the girls know I be screeching.


Grace No, that's why you're here to give that give our listeners a little somethin different, you know?


Amy Exactly. Well, Laci is very impressive. We all know that. But we are here to talk about your many, many, many, many, many accomplishments. Okay. We're here to get deep.


Grace So let's check in first. How are you feeling today? Like, for real, not small talk. Is there anything weighing on you? Anything making you feel good?


Laci Mosley I mean, today y'all caught me on a good day. Today was a good day -der-na-ner. How much copyright? All stop before y'all get sued.


Grace Tank our budget, girl. We ain't got no budget.


Laci Mosley Is it Ice Cube. Is it Ice Cube knocking at my door? Okay. He said I got to be quiet.


Amy Oh no.


Laci Mosley I so I had therapy this morning, which I love seeing my therapist. She is a Black woman with amazing hair. And. Like, it's just it's amazing. Like, it's so.


Grace So like, What? Give us a give us a visual. Like, what's the hair like?


Laci Mosley So she has I think she, like, maybe was premature gray. But she just let it all go gray. And it's really long and healthy and natural. And she just looks like an apothecary witch. And it's like the most beautiful, complimentary way of that. Like, she's just such a baddie. I love her. But so I had therapy with her, but I was coming off of a 24 hour long date.


Amy Woah. Oh. So it went from day to day again, day to night to day.


Grace Oh my goodness. That must have been a good day. I have never been able to stand a man for 24 hours. So please tell us about this.


Amy Where'd you go? What did you do? I mean, I know some of the things you did, but what other things did you do?


Grace Yea, we can guess if it's 24 hours, you know what I'm saying.


Laci Mosley Okay, we didn't do that though.


Amy Oh. Okay.


Laci Mosley It was 24 hours and he didn't get no, no bust down.


Amy I love that conversation.


Grace I love that.


Amy I love this.


Laci Mosley All conversation and make out and a little booty rubbing. But just-


Amy Of course. Gotta get the booty rubbed.


Grace Aw, that's nice.


Laci Mosley Right. Very wholesome Well, it started like with a brunch date on another day the day before, and then he had to run someplace and we just didn't feel like it was long enough. We we had such a great time. And so I was like, Oh, well, I said the word friend and, you know, like, I'm bi. So like with straight men, like if you say friend, they're just like deflate. They're like, what, like. It wasn't even in the context.


Amy So I'm nothing to you.


Laci Mosley Right. So you hate. So you hate me.


Grace Yea.


Laci Mosley Okay, okay. Imma get my things. Imma get my briefcase. That's what straight men have, right? And then I was like, okay, let me send him a little textual message. I would be like, I had so much fun. Like, I want to see you. Like he lives in New York. So I was like, I want to see you again before you leave. And then he cut to yesterday. Text me like I canceled my flight. What are you doing today? And I was, like, hanging out with you.


Amy Wait.


Grace Oh my God, how romantical.


Amy That's romantic.


Laci Mosley It was very romantical.


Amy Oh, my gosh.


Grace He didn't care about no change fees, girl. That is- He likes you.


Amy He sounds rich to me because those change fees are back. The pandemic is over.


Laci Mosley Oh, listen.


Amy The change fees are back.


Laci Mosley They are.


Grace Right.


Laci Mosley The change fees pulling up and also they'll be like, yeah, your flight was first class, but now you in a middle seat in coach. Do you want to go home or not?


Grace Exactly.


Amy How serious are yoabout grandma?


Laci Mosley Right. Cause your neck gon' hurt. Your neck gon' hurt.


Grace Cause you ain't- You can't be picking a flight a few days before because yeah, he's gon' end up in the middle seat. Alright. That must have been a really great day.


Laci Mosley Right. It was. It was like brunch and then another spot and then another spot and then a diner and then a karaoke bar. And then the London. It was it was very sweet.


Amy That's fantastic. I'm like, well, I mean, how do we top that weekend? I will say, let's just keep the good vibes going. I feel like we need that right now. So thank you for making me wish for more out of my life.


Laci Mosley What's that viral tweet? God, show me how good it can get.


Amy Show me how good it can get.


Grace Or Ciara's prayer or. Or God, I saw what you've done for others.


Laci Mosley And I want you to do that for me, Jesus.


Amy Do for the least of these, what you would do. 


Laci Mosley Y'all about to make me buy some miracle springwater, I'm, like going.


Grace Well, I love to hear that because, you know, my therapist says that I need to start collecting good stories about men, so I'm gonna put this one right in my pocket.


Laci Mosley There you go.


Grace So, you know, we just wanted to ask you, what would you say is your antidote, which means, like, what is something non-work-related that is bringing you joy this week, this month, this year, other than your fabulous date?


Laci Mosley Man, ya'll are catching me on the best week to do this podcast. It's a slay.


Amy I'm obsesed.


Laci Mosley Amy. Grace. I feel like y'all are clairvoyant because I would have told you two weeks ago, like, I don't f---ing know. Cause all- Can I curse out here?


Grace Yeah, yeah.


Amy Yeah, we f---ing can. We f---ing do.


Laci Mosley I won't lie. I had an epiphany on mushrooms, like, two weeks ago that I had been living in a fog, like a fugue state for, like, three years of just fear and just, like, a lot of trauma and just, like, not even being myself, constantly being on thinking I had to make people laugh or they wouldn't like me or trying to protect myself. And I came out of it like I was on this trip and I was kicking my own ass. And I was like, Why are you operating like this? This is not who you are. I don't recognize you. And I really put my feet back on the ground and was like, Okay, you cannot just keep working to cover up the fact that you need to heal and that you need to have a life like you can't just allow work, so you can say yes to everything and allow work to be your life. And so I was like sitting down was like, what really makes me happy? And this also came from a conversation that I had with a woman at a park for someone's birthday. She was like, What's the last thing? Like, not work related that like, really made you happy or excited? I couldn't think of anything to say. She told me she made gazpacho, gazpacho and and she it was delicious in all that she gave to all her friends. And they ate it and they loved it. And she was like, that was the last moment that I was so excited about something and happy with, like a piece of life that had nothing to do with me being a product.


Amy Yeah.


Laci Mosley Yeah. So I made, I rented out a pool and one of my very good friends, who's also a comedian, she used to be a swim coach because, you know, all of us comedians, most of us have had other jobs that are like, what wouldn't I do. Yea. I bartended foot fetish parties, you know, like you got to get these bills paid. The foot people-.


Grace I was a dom- I was a dominatrix real quick you know.


Laci Mosley Just on the side.


Amy In between.


Laci Mosley You know, 12 hours a week I be beating on rich white men, you know, and I.


Amy As you do. Went to the nightclub, did my comedy set.


Laci Mosley Right literally right after.


Grace That was just a joke. Mom and dad, I was not a dominatrix.


Laci Mosley Let's give a shout out to the doms out there.


Amy Exactly.


Grace Shout out to the doms out there.


Laci Mosley Sex workers work.


Amy Exactly. Keeping our bosses stable. Thank you.


Laci Mosley Please keep beating the CEOs. We need this.


Amy Yes, please, please, please.


Grace They need it. They need it.


Amy As a community. 


Laci Mosley So she was a swimming instructor. And I you know, I swim laps in a lap pool, like at the gym, like Olivia Pope. You know, I was just thinking about how I'm f---ing the president and just swimming. And but I can touch the ground. So there's a sense of control there. And so if I'm in water where I can't touch the ground, if I'm the ocean, like I am very, very nervous, I don't do it. The only time I actually did it was like I was on a job and accidentally we all got thrown into the Pacific. But it wasn't something I would have done.


Grace What?


Amy Why, what kind of job?


Grace Yeah, I need to avoid that kind of job.


Amy I was a dolphin trainer for a minute before I started at the laugh factory.


Laci Mosley I was working on a show called Florida Girls and for the most part, yeah. We were always in swimsuits, shout out to Laura Chen, my personal guru. I love her. We're always in swimsuits. And I remember that day everybody kept asking me on set because we were shooting the pilot presentation. So the budget was not giving budget. You know, it's a presentation. Before the show got picked up, everybody kept walking around the set, be like, Are you a strong swimmer? Like so many people in the crew and cast and producers kept coming up to me.


Grace That's suspicious as f---.


Laci Mosley I'm like, Look. I know how, you know, sometimes racism be racism, but I ain't gonna lie like a lot of Black people is afraid of the water. You're not wrong to ask.


Amy Me. Me.


Grace Me.


Amy If they asked me, I would have said no.


Laci Mosley I'm a scammer. This is my first big job. I'm 25. I'm trying to get the bag. So I was like, yea, yea, yea. Yea, yea. The strongest. Like I'm like a rock but for swimming. I get in the water and I just f--- it up like.


Grace Oh Oh. I think I forgot to tell y'all. I was on a swimming team with Michael Phelps.


Laci Mosley Yea, yea, yea. The water, the water is scared of me. The water's scared of me. When I come, that's when the tide roll back. Because they'd be like, Oh, not this bitch again.


Amy Not this one.


Laci Mosley I be swimming it up. And sure enough, we get on a jet ski that's jet skis are like for two people, max, we're four people on the jet ski, it's a part of the plot. We steal the jet ski.


Amy Okay, okay. I was like, wait. Okay. It's part of the plot.


Laci Mosley So we're supposed to be ratchet. We stealing this jet ski. There's- we're the four best friends on this jet ski. So they had a stunt driver, which when we actually shot the show, Patty Guggenheim, who's on the show. Amazing. One of my great friends, she did- she took a little lesson and she drove the jet ski better than the stunt driver. And none of us got thrown in the ocean, but the stunt driver started feeling herself. And I knew it because we was out there. We were shooting this, you know, it's like having fun stealing this jet ski and someone's like, Get off my jet ski, you whores. And like, we're like, riding around. And she takes a hard left turn. And I'm like, now, miss girl.


Amy What. Misthink.


Laci Mosley Miss Girl.


Amy Miss nut.


Laci Mosley There are four grown ass bitches on this jet ski. Why would you do this?


Amy Why would you do that?


Laci Mosley She hits this hard left turn. We all fly into the ocean and I just remember if you panic, you'll drown. If you panic, you'll drown. So I went in and I relax. Laura. Laura Chen is like 90 pounds soaking wet. She grabs the back of my swimsuit. She's like, I got you. You're not going to drown. I said not this little ass woman trying to support me.


Amy I got you. And then you just pull her in. And she's like, aha-ah.


Laci Mosley Right. We both go down. It was about to be real Titanic. I was about to find that necklace. With the diamond in it, like we was going to be at the bottom. So they had lifeguards on jet skis, so the guys zoomed in and helped us. But I've always like, you know, I love Beyoncé as as one does.


Grace Yes. A thousand percent.


Laci Mosley Yeah.


Grace In the hive over here. Yeah.


Laci Mosley And I saw her, like, jump off a yacht into, like, the clearest blue water, and I was like, I want to be able to do that and Mykonos and not be afraid. Like, I don't want to be afraid of the water anymore. So my friend Kimmy took me or I took her to this pool because she's always told me I'll she'll give me a swimming lesson whenever, but I would always just do work, work, working and like not really taking it seriously. And I was like, You know what? No, we're going to do this. So like a Tuesday afternoon, we go to some white man named Jeff who has money. Inexplicably, we don't know how he has money, Jeff. So go there and like I, she gets me comfortable with the water. And then by the end of the session, I'm jumping in the pool in the middle of the deep end and not touching the bottom and swimming up and floating on my back and looking at the sky. And she said something when we were trying to like she was trying to help. I still can't tread water that well, I'm dense, but also like it's I'd start kicking like I'm on a peloton and I get tired and I'm like, I'mma die. But not to be dramatic, but I'm gonna die.


Amy Yeah. Pool deep enough.


Laci Mosley When I was floating and like trying to float on my own, she was like, You have to trust that the water will carry you. You're not stronger than the water. She was like you are when you enter the water, you're in the water's space. And so the less you trust it, the less it's going to work. And she was like, You can't fight this. You have no control. And the more you fight, the harder it will be. And I was like, Oh my God.


Amy That's deep.


Grace That is deep.


Amy The Pacific ocean.


Grace Literally.


Amy That is f---ing deep.


Grace I mean, we're revealing something about ourselves today, but Amy and I cannot swim. And so we we had a friend in Mexico try to teach us how to float. So maybe we both die if we get thrown into the f---ing Pacific.


Amy It was bad. It didn't work.


Grace But it didn't work. But it was because we didn't trust the water, Amy.


Amy That's why. I didn't trust the water.


Grace We didn't trust.


Laci Mosley Cause as Black people, why would we trust the water? It's a real shady bitch.


Grace Why would we trust anything? Why would we trust everything?


Amy Exactly. Exactly.


Grace And the water took us from Africa, where we was at.




Grace To America where we didn't know anything.


Laci Mosley We know what you did, water.


Amy And the waves are frothy and what? White. I don't trust them. I don't trust them, just saying.


Grace They try to pull me under, they call it something called current.


Amy Oh man, that is so deep. Laci. That like, not only applies to swimming, it literally applies to life.


Laci Mosley Yes. And that's what I took from it. I was just staring at the sky in the water, like being and you know, when you're in the water. I love to have my phone on me and like be talking to people and also mid email and you can't have it because your hands are wet. So I didn't have my phone for 3 hours and was just present.


Grace Yeah.


Laci Mosley And forgot how good that feels. So that was.


Amy That is a really good antidote: being present and trusting in the water. It felt so much of what you said was just like I felt like it was. And I hope that everyone feels this way when they hear it. It felt like it was for me. Like, Amy, look at your life. Like, quick, like, calm down from work, get in the water and just, like, let yourself float every now and then because we need that. And I'm always like, my phone is right next to me right now. I'm like, always on my phone. Even when I'm really happy to be whom I'm with, I'm still like distracted and I'm just like, Oh, I'm going to I'm going to get my hands wet, if not my whole body, just my hands. So I can't hold my phone.


Laci Mosley We could get an ankle. We could, we can get an ankle, a little moist. You know, we can do that.


Amy Okay. I have to know, Laci, because I've been wondering this for a while, because your podcast is called Scam Goddess. Have you done your ancestry and are you part Nigerian? Because I'm trying to understand your interest in scams because it feels familial to me.


Laci Mosley Listen. Oh, my. Niger. Okay.


Amy Oh yes.


Laci Mosley I  don't know how to work a foofoo stick, but Imma learn. But I don't know where I'm from. My mom recently started doing ancestry, and I was like, Bro, like, this is a scam. You know, how many of our relatives got priors? We can't give the government our DNA.


Amy We really shouldn't be.


Laci Mosley These n------ hanging off the last strike like, come on now.


Amy Found them. Found them on ancestry.


Laci Mosley Got them.


Amy It's wild. It's wild. So I understand not doing your ancestry for that reason. But your mom. Your mom is into it, though.


Laci Mosley She is. We don't know where we're from, but every African that I meet who's like from a country in Africa has always told me I look like I'm from Cameroon. Every single one. From Ghana. Senegal, like everywhere.


Grace All I know is I did my ancestry and I was very dissatisfied because I'm not like clearly from one country.


Laci Mosley It just said Thomas Jefferson. It was a picture of Harriet Tubman. Like.


Amy Just like.


Grace But like sadly, my largest percentage was like 20 something percent. And I was just like, oh, so I'm like a mutt from Africa. Like, I don't have like a, a clear country. I think the biggest one was, was Benin-Togo.


Amy Well, it is interesting even knowing that that quest to find where you are from, even though it's something that I feel like everybody is doing in their own way, whether they're on ancestry or not, I feel like it's really important to find a sense of belonging, especially when the world is so f---ing bleak right now. You just want a sense of belonging. That's what we're looking for.


Laci Mosley We all need that. I mean, we're lucky as black people that we made our own community and our own culture, you know, that kind of gave us that sense of belonging when we couldn't find it. You know, we all we all have similar like if you hear Melodies From Heaven on a Saturday morning. Yeah, you know, you've got to be cleaning like, you know.


Amy It's time.


Grace You know. You know what's next: Rain Down On Me. Yes, you all know.


Amy And suddenly you're like, how'd this broom get my hand?


Laci Mosley The broom appears. You're in bed still and somehow a broom and a dust pan have appeared in your hand.


Grace And everybody knows. And everybody knows am I singing the high part? Am I singing am I alto today? Am I soprano today? Am I a tenor today?


Laci Mosley Melodies.


Amy That was beautiful, actually. Laci, when is the album? Give us the album. That was beautiful.


Laci Mosley And I was just singing the like melodies from here. Yea, I'll take sometimes, take me in your arms and hold me close. Oh, hold on y'all. That's, uh, Fred. Oh, no, that's Kirk. That's Kirk. Kirk at the door.


Amy Maam. That is a cease and desist from Mr. Franklin himself.


Laci Mosley He says cease and desist in his name.


Amy Wait, last question for you. Before we let you go, tell us about why you decided to take up roller skating during the pandemic. How did it keep you sane?


Laci Mosley Oh, man. Shout out to Nicole Byer. She started.


Grace I love Nicole.


Laci Mosley Yeah, we all did UCB together. So many of my friends come from that. My favorite cult. And and, you know, we all were like, let's go roller skating in Pan Pacific Park. You know, we've been going to Pan Pacific Park for-


Grace Are you part of of her skate gang?


Laci Mosley Mm.


Grace Oh, my God. I've never I knew that Sasheer was in it, but I didn't know that you were in it, too. That's so cool.


Laci Mosley So we will all go and roller skate. And it was fun because like we were going like usually around dusk, so like the kids would be leaving because none of us are like really banging with the kids. So I was like, I know it's a park and it's actually probably for the kids. Like, get these f---ing kids out and.


Amy Get them out of here.


Laci Mosley F--- the kids.


Amy This is my park now. It's after 5pm. Give it to me.


Laci Mosley So some skaters are really experienced and like really, really good like Kim New Money, who's also a photographer and is amazing. One of the most like energetically wise. Like when she comes into a room, you just feel good. Like she's such an aura about her, but she is a really good skater and would like try to teach us how to skate backwards or whatever. You know, I'm very basic, you know, I want to get some flashy roller skates that could light up. They were not like so they weren't professional, but boy, did they look cute in the Instagram story. But like, it was something to do that got our minds off of work because, you know, we're all at this point working in the pandemic and like, you know, all stressed, you know? So it's like it was fun and it was, like, distracting and like, someone would bring a boombox and make these mixes of just like, all the soul music, all the fun music seventies. Like, you know, we listen to The Chi-Lites  and sh-- and skate. It was like a white boy who made these and but he was hitting. He had a hit. And I remember one time because everybody's out in the park working out. I used to work out with my trainer in the park because you're outside and you don't you're not as worried about COVID. And I remember there was a session that looked like everybody was like a new mom or something. They just had mom energy. And there was one Black man who was running this, like, group, and they would be on the same. Kind of skating area that we were in until they finished the workout, so we would have to skate around them. And I remember one time like he was working, he must been working these mommy's too hard because I think somebody like threw a ball or something and it flew away, probably a kid and he went to get the ball for the kid. And they they do these crunches and doing these exercises. And as soon as this Black man, this drill sergeant, as soon as he stepped away, all these women looked and saw that he couldn't see them and they all stop working out.


Amy Where Tyrell? Where Tyrell?


Grace Well, hey, let me do some squats real quick.


Laci Mosley It was giving Smoky and Friday, like when he leave, I'll be talking again. Like it was giving like they were Like where he go. And then when he came back, they're like and 59, 60.


Amy Yeah, that is so funny.


Laci Mosley It was very funny. But that was so great because it was like doing something that has nothing to do with productivity, not anything, you know, I'm not monetizing this. It's just fun and getting to look and observe and watch other people. You know, it was it was a really, really fun time.


Amy Oh, I'm obsessed with that. That sounds enjoyable. I want to pick up skating. I need to pick up swimming. All these instructors in your life, Laci. I'm going to need the numbers.


Laci Mosley I got you. I got the lock on instructors.


Grace Please.


Amy I need to become a child. I think really we have to cultivate more play. One of our quotes was from Brene Brown and she's all about like cultivating play and that's what this sounds like. So I'm glad you've been able to do that.


Laci Mosley I'm reaching back and finding that child and just doing dumb sh-- and touching grass physically because like, why did we ever stop that? It's like we were told that okay. Leaves childish things, but it's like, no, like being a child is like, one of the most fun parts of your life. If if you're lucky. I know everyone isn't as fortunate to have a good childhood, but like being an unemployed scammer, just high on life, touching things, breaking things, asking questions and like, it's fun to go back to that.


Grace Yeah, because somebody gave us a briefcase at some point.


Amy That's what went wrong. Who do I give this back to?


Grace Someone gave us a tiny briefcase and said, you have to work all the time.


Laci Mosley Who gave me this briefcase? 


Amy Wow. Laci, we feel so much better now that we've talked to you.


Laci Mosley I do too.


Grace Sh-- still sucks, but it sucks a little less because we talked to you today.


Laci Mosley Yes, same for me. This has been amazing. Y'all are fantastic. Oh, I'm such good vibes.


Amy This is great. Do you have anything coming up you want to tell us about? Anything you'd like to plug? It can give me something you just love. Not even something you're working on.


Laci Mosley Yeah. Okay. I would say that all of the season two of iCarly is streaming now on Paramount Plus. I have a movie coming out called The Outlaws on Netflix. Don't know when that's dropping, but, you know, Adam Sandler's properties are very fun. Watch it. It's a very fun movie. Oh, and Scam Goddess,my podcast. If you like robbery fraud comedy, come on over, girl and also snitch on your friends and family. Email us. But and then something I have nothing to do with that if you are a workaholic, um, and especially if you're a Black woman. Diahann Carroll has a book that's available on Amazon. It's called The Legs Are The Last to Go. And I read it for Chelsea Devantez's podcast, Imma plug her too: Celebrity Book Club. But-


Grace I'm going on that next month.


Amy Yeah, yes.


Laci Mosley I love Chelsea. She's the only bad bitch who could get me to read a book for a podcast.


Amy Truly the only. Truly the only. 


Laci Mosley And if you are a workaholic, especially if you're a Black woman who's a workaholic, because a lot of us are. It was such a great read because this woman I was cackling because when I tell you, like she had all the racisms happen to her, but the way she glosses over it, like I'm trying to get to the bag. But the biggest takeaway that I took from it, if you guys if you don't read the book, but you should, it is, she worked so hard her entire life and then at the end, what she really had left was her family. And she said how much she kind of regretted not spending time with them, not investing in the relationships in her life, not living. And she was so grateful to have that time as an older person to really connect.


Amy That's incredible.


Grace And oh. Where can people find you on the Internet?


Laci Mosley Oh, if you want to follow my mess and swimming and whatever else. D-I-V-A-LA-C-I. DivaLaci. On all platforms.


Amy Awesome. Thank you so much, Laci.


Grace Thank you so much. This is such a pleasure.


Laci Mosley Oh, it was a blast. It was just so fun. Great way to end my work day.


Grace Bye. To close this out. We're going to do our creative tap in, which is our segment about creativity. Amy, are you ready for this week's quote?


Amy Yes, I am.


Grace Okay, here I go. "As is the case with most people in this game, I am driven by financial motives and creative motives. The question I had to answer is which motive I will give priority to." That's by Nipsey Hussle. I will read it again, "As is the case with most people in this game. I am driven by financial motives and creative motives. The question I had to answer is which motive I will give priority to." Nipsey Hussle.


Amy First of all, Big Nipsey fan and.


Grace Rest in peace. Rest in power.


Amy Rest in peace. Yeah, I really like this quote and I love that he doesn't answer it like he says. Which will I give my priority to? I love that he doesn't answer it, that it's always up to you. And obviously when he says most people in this game, my instinct was to say, Oh, he's thinking, he's talking about music, about the music industry. But I was like, well, he's also he owns a store and he was an entrepreneur and he started a clothing line. And I was like, Oh, the game of life. I like, realize, like maybe when he says most people in this game, he just means living. You have to- you're driven by financial motives and creative motives. And I think what's interesting is when you're a creative, very often they feel so linked. Your financial and your creative kind of go hand in hand when you make your hobby, your job. Like Grace and I have as writers, as he did with music and sometimes it feels like you can't like they're so linked that it's like, how do you decide? And I've always found my best creative decisions come when I'm like, If money were not an issue, what would you do?


Grace Yeah.


Amy If you didn't have to think about the right thing financially, what would you do? And when I make those decisions, I am usually right. So that's I love that he's saying that there's the question and he doesn't answer it. And I.


Grace Yeah.


Amy I think there are times where you have to take the money job. Sometimes you just have to. Today I got to give priority to money because I need to pay rent. But then another day I'm going to give priority to creative because I need to feed my soul. So it's cool. It's cool a quote. What does it make you think, Grace.?


Grace Yeah, I actually love that he doesn't answer it either because it feels like there's no judgment, you know, because if you if he did answer it, it would be like, oh, you should be doing this or you should be doing that. But it's sort of like it's the question that a lot of artists have to answer for themselves, because you have to give room to acknowledge that there are some people who are just always going to be in it for the money. Yeah, like.


Amy That's true.


Grace They are the most interested in fame or they're the most interested in, you know, growing their brand per se. But and, you know, some of us who are more creatively aligned might judge that that point of view. But I don't necessarily think that you should I think you should just ask yourself the question, am I driven by financial motives or creative motives and then build your qui- career accordingly. If you're driven by financial motives, I think it's hard to be driven by financial motives in this business because it's sort of like then it feels like you're kind of searching about like, what do people like? Like, I have to sort of mold myself into what people like. And if you there are people that are very, very talented up with that, like frankly the Kardashians. It's- That their whole thing. They know how to figure out what people like and give it to them. And so their businesses grow because that is what they are very good at doing, you know? Kris Jenner is an evil genius in that way. So I think that. You just have to ask yourself. I am sometimes too driven by creativity and sometimes I feel like that has hurt my pockets. Sometimes because I turn a lot of things down or I or I'm always been like, Oh no, I have to focus on this one thing because this is the thing I love. So I have I struggle not to have judgment, but I try not to have judgment for people who only have financial goals, because that is another way to live life. Why why should one be considered over the other? So yeah, I love this because I love this quote and I picked this quote because I feel like it poses a question that it doesn't answer and it sort of taps that I would have judgment towards an artist that was only financially motivated. And I was just like, Why? Why should you? If that's what they know that they're going into the situation for and you never know what they're going to do with those finances. It's not necessarily that they're going to buy a bunch of cars or whatever. Or buy a million houses. Maybe they'll use their financial blessings to bless other people, or they'll grow their influence so they can actually help make other artists dreams come true. So I think thank you, Nipsey, for leaving us with this quote because I think it does just pose a question that all of us need to answer as artists. Well, thanks for listening to The Antidote. We hope this injected a little bit of joy into your week. I know it did mine. How about you, Amy?


Amy I feel good, girl. We should do this again sometime. Oh, we'll be here next week.


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