Trusting the Water with Laci Mosley

The Antidote Special Guest Laci Mosley

Trusting the Water with Laci Mosley

In this episode of The Antidote, Amy and Grace connect with actress and comedian Laci Mosley about amazing first dates, swimming, and ancestry.

Amy & Grace share their bummer news of the week: U.S. inflation reached a 40-year high in June, and New York’s nuclear attack PSA worried residents. 

Amy and Grace also share their antidotes for the week, which include: twerking on a boat and celebrating friends. 

This week’s Creative Tap-In: 

“As is the case with most people in this game, I am driven by financial motives and creative motives; the question I had to answer is which motive I will give priority to?” -Nipsey Hussle 


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