A Good Edit with Topher Grace

The Antidote

A Good Edit with Topher Grace

In this episode of The Antidote, Amy and Grace connect with actor Topher Grace about reliving the 90s, finding balance and the upside of burnout.

Amy and Grace share their bummer news of the week – the haunted house from horror movie “The Conjuring” sold for $1.5 million, and there’s a new startup that helps layoff workers more “humanely.” They also share their antidotes: a new piece of art from JC3 Art, and a Bose portable speaker.

This week’s Creative Tap-In: 

“The beauty of art is that it allows you to slow down, and for a moment, things that once seemed unfamiliar become precious to you.”
-Kehinde Wiley

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Amy The world is a dumpster fire. I'm Amy.

Grace And I'm Grace. We're both comedy writers in Los Angeles.

Amy And we want to help.

Grace As a reflex to the f---ing madness on the news for keeping it positive, uplifting, but opinionated.

Amy We talk about cultural moments we love.

Grace Talk to people we adore.

Amy Crushes we have, and self-care. We stand during these trying times. We all need a show that focuses on joy.

Grace This is The Antidote. Hi Everyone. Welcome to another week of The Antidote. We are so happy that you're back with us this week.

Amy Yes, we're so happy. And thank you guys for continuing to share your antidotes. One of the antidotes we recently received was from listener Sara Lowe. She said, I have to say that my antidote is the themes controlling little people's lives, cheating their needs to make them never hungry or sleepy or have to go to the bathroom, getting them a promotion every two days with spare time to master the violin skills. So cathartic. Oh. I love that, Sarah.

Grace Oh my God. That takes me back. I have not played The Sims in very, very long, but I'm glad that The Sims are still around, still, you know, has fans and. Yeah. We're so glad, Sarah, that that is something that brings you joy. Sometimes you got to take a little brain break and move around other little people that aren't yourself.

Amy So true. So true. Grace?

Grace Yes.

Amy I know it's been out for a while, but I've been obsessively watching the Halle Bailey Little Mermaid trailer.

Grace Oh. My God, I am so excited. It's like.

Amy Truly.

Grace Like I The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies. One of my favorite Disney movies of all time. The music is fire. It's really good. And I remember there was a time in my life that our dad used to take us to the movies, like when a New Disney thing came out. And I remember it was just like you would go to the Star Theater in Southfield, Michigan, and we would go and we would sit and we were watching. So great. And so it actually makes me a little emotional to think that little black girls are going to be able to see Halle Bailey as Little Mermaid, and they're going to never live in a time when that doesn't exist is so beautiful to me. And she looked beautiful. She sounded amazing. I loved how they did her like dreads. The CGI looks.

Amy When that note hit, I was like, woo.

Grace Yes.

Amy Ariel's Black.  She can sing sing. 

Grace Yes, yes. Ariel will throw a little run in there. That's right. You know, when you have a voice that beautiful and nimble, it would be a shame to not show it off. So I am excited for this entire movie. Like I told Amy before, I was just like, Black Panther two is going to bring me back into the theaters and the next time I'll probably go for this Little Mermaid movie.

Amy Yeah, I completely agree. And also just getting a remake of something from the nineties. I mean, we'll talk about it even more when we get our guest up here. Topher Grace is on a little bit later. But getting a remake of something that we grew up with is so cool when they get it right. And when I watch that trailer, I'm like, Yeah, you did it. Y'all did it right. You didn't mess it up. And that's what makes me so happy.

Grace Yeah, I'm so excited. It also just gives me I remember when I first came to New York, I was walking down the street and this little white girl ran up to me and she was just like, Mommy it's Cinderella.

Amy A little white girl ran up? Aww, because of Brandy.

Grace And I was just like, because I had yeah. I so I had like braids at the time and it was just like, oh my God. Like, kids live in a world where, yes, there's the Cinderella that you can still watch people. So if anybody has a problem with Ariel being Black, call yourself, Oh, watch The Little Mermaid. You know, first of all, call your therapist. And second of all, you can yell. The other one still exists. So you can, if you like that one better, you can go watch that. But but it was so sweet to me that this little girl thought that I was Cinderella.

Amy Flawless. The only Cinderella I still recognize.  Like, literally.

Grace So I really I really think that, you know, representation matters. But beyond that, I'm just excited to see this brilliant artist like she is beautiful. She's a great actress. She is an incredible singer. I mean.

Amy Okay, she got the pipes.

Grace You know what I'm saying, design. You know what I'm saying? So I'm just so excited to see her do this. So, yeah, I mean, I'll buy my ticket right now.

Amy Wait, what did you just say?

Grace I might buy my ticket right now. Is the ticket available?

Amy How do we find out? Disney, they literally did it right. And I'm just like Disney. You are about to break the f---ing bank with this one, so I'm excited.

Grace Well, we wouldn't need the antidote if we didn't have something to get an antidote from.

Amy Yeah. Starting now, Top with our bummer news of the week. The first bit of bummer news is so weird. Did you hear Grace that the Conjuring house sold for $1.5 million? The Rhode Island farmhouse, where the paranormal happenings that inspired the 2013 horror movie The Conjuring has been sold to a Boston developer who plans to keep it open to the public. The 18th century home in Burrillville sold for 1.5 to $5 million, far higher than the 1.2 million asking price. There's a new owner. Her name is Jacqueline Nunez. She plans to keep house open as a paranormal attraction. What do you think about that?

Grace I am currently shopping for real estate is what I think about it. And even a haunted house. A house that is known to be haunted. Even that is $1.5 million. Like, damn, this housing market is insane. And obviously they listed it at 1.2 and they still got.

Amy  There were multiple offers.

Grace Like, you know, multiple offers. It was sold for 325,000 over ask. See, that's why I can't find no place to live, Amy. If a haunted house is 1.5 million, I want a non haunted house. So I probably got to pay about two.

Amy I mean, that's what it sounds like. I literally think it's wild that people are signing up to get haunted. The fact that the owner, Nunez, says, quote, that she's not afraid of the house, nor does she think it will harm her. Bitch, your wallet has been harmed. The ghosts are already coming for you. So I'm a little creeped out that people would pay that much money to be that close to stuff. That's that creepy and scary.

Grace I know. And then I'm just like, Girl, did you not see the movie? Because it does sound like this ghost is dangerous. It sounds like they're dangerous. That's why they did a whole horror movie about it. I mean, I won't lie that bad. I. I really hate horror movies, so I haven't read it. But I've seen trailers as the commercials for The Conjuring, and it sounds like the ghosts are not just chilling being like, hey, girl, you want you want some oatmeal this morning? Like, no, like. It's like they're doing bad things.They're like mad ghosts or angry ghosts.

Amy You're absolutely right. And literally, literally even talking about it makes me scared.

Grace I know.

Amy Just talking about the sale of the home. So we got to move on. Moving on to our second bit of bummer news. So I recently heard that there's a startup, a new startup specializing in layoffs. So basically, let me read a little bit about it. As the tech space is facing plunging valuations, less venture capital and an economic slowdown, many tech companies are laying off employees in great numbers. KIarna CEO used a prerecorded video to let employees know that at least 700 of them were about to be laid off but didn't say which employees. The news came up two days later via short video calls, and it was 10% of their workforce. So because of this, people are like, you need to get better at laying people off. That was terrible. So now a startup has been founded called Continuum that has been called a quote unquote labor marketplace for fractional executives, a.k.a. part time consultants. And it's basically TaskRabbit, but for high paid executives. And you can hire a gig worker to assemble like, you know, you can hire a gig worker to consult on your business, including how now how to lay people off. That's where we're at.

Grace That is really super sad, like, you know, that they're looking to like batch fired people. But I guess their their thing is to lay off people more humanely to like fight against that. So I guess that is better than firing 700 people like so cold heartedly. So I guess that's that's better. But it's just sad that there's so many mass layoffs right now that in this time of inflation and everything like that, that there are literally has to be a consulting firm to do it. And frankly, it gives me. Up in the air. So George Clooney. Yeah you do it. You, your. This your company, George Clooney. You you feel bad because you did that movie. And now you started a company to, like, be better. I don't know. It just like it feels like a movie.

Amy And like. Apparently Continuum charges a flat fee for layoff consulting services, and the fee escalates with the number of employees laid off. And the thing that's the craziest to me is that despite venture capitalists tightening their wallets, this new company continuum financed investors to hand over $12 million in funding. So my question is, what happens when this lay off startup has to lay off people? Like when when the economic downturn goes back up, who are they going to call?

Grace Oh, my goodness.

Amy They're like, Well, guys, watch the video that we made for that company and listen to it and go home.

Grace Oh, my God. Yeah.

Amy Well, how do you feel after discussing all this Grace?

Grace Oh, yeah. You know, comme ci, comme ca.

Amy Thank you for speaking French for me. I really appreciate it. I don't feel that great either. I'm really feeling bad for people getting laid off. Yeah, and that's why we need the antidote. So this is the segment where we tell you about the culture we consumed and things we did this week that made us feel better about the bummer. News What was your antidote this week, Grace?

Grace Uh a piece of art that I purchased. It's really racy. Yeah. Like I am a drop you a link right now so you can look at it. It's quite lovely. It's.

Amy Wow. Grace, this is beautiful. Wait. Okay, describe for people.

Grace I will describe it for the listeners. So basically how I found out about this artist is on good old Facebook. Yes, I still do. I have a Facebook page. I saw a friend like this really great artist that went to high school with me. His name is Kevin Palmer. So also check Kevin Palmer out. But he was doing sort of a collaboration with Joe then though, the third, who is also like a michigan based artist. And they had this beautiful piece of art called Cloud Watching, and this is a collaboration with Kevin Palmer and it is just beautiful. So it's got like a hot pink background and it's a black woman with like a short natural and then she's got like these sunglasses, but they got colors in them and like, she just looks so regal and beautiful. And I love to have art featuring black women in my home. And it really, you know, I also love a lot of colors. Amy can attest that my home is very colorful. Like, I have a pink couch and I have a green couch and like, I love deep pigmented colors in my space. It just, like, makes me happy. So this is a perfect picture featuring a black woman. It's got a lot of colors. It was like the right size. I was kind of looking for another picture for my office, so it's going to be so great. And then it's really cool that this guy from high school that I know that was always like doing animation and doing sketches and drawings in high school that he's like making his living, doing art. So I was the so it gave me a double good feeling because number one, I was so happy that this guy I knew from high school has become this successful artist. And I was like excited, you know, that I had the money to support that work. And then also just the actual piece of art is so beautiful, and I'm going to put in my office and I'm going to look at it. And so if you guys go to Jay, see three. So three is the actual number three. So it's jc3 art dot com. You can actually see Cloud, Watchmen and a bunch of other pieces by this incredible artist. So go support some Detroit based black artists. These are some beautiful photos. So my antidote is also letting you guys know about the art so you can go support it too. So, yeah, that was definitely my antidote this week.


Amy Nice.


Grace And what was your antidote this week, Amy?


Amy So for me, I had, you know, a while back was my birthday and at my birthday party, the rooftop where we were, because y'all know, I stand on a rooftop. The sound at the rooftop was sub f---ing par and we couldn't hear the music loud. It was still a fun party. I had a good time, but I wanted to talk to Beyonce and I was really pissed that the music wasn't loud. I didn't show it. It was my birthday. I felt nothing but joy. But in the back of my head I was like, Trump is f---ing down. And so there wasn't enough sound at my own party. And so we didn't get to dance much. And since then I've been like, I just want sound around me. I miss concerts. I still have not gone to concerts. I know people be doing that, but I'm not breaking the sound until I go see Beyonce post the tickets, bitch. But then I'll break the seal. But until then, I'm just in my house and listening to music on my f---ing headphones and I have some surround sound in my living room, but I don't have it anywhere else in my house. And so I actually recently got a new Bose portable speaker that I can carry through my house, like a little boombox, and I had a little Bose speaker, but these new ones, the sound quality is better. And I got to tell you this, I was listening to Cuff It and I was listening to Alien Superstar on this new Bose speaker. And I know like. It's been months since the album come out. It's still got a lock on me. I don't know what it is. I she put drugs in. I don't know. But the album is still blasting for me. And I did not know that in the back of alien superstar Beyonce was spelling unique until I listened to it on my little portable speaker. I didn't know.


Grace You know, I love that because I think every time you listen to the album and it also has a choke hold on me. In fact, Beyonce, it's very rude that you sprinkle a little crack in there, but I. I have a Bose speaker, too.


Amy Oh, my God. Wait how cute. What color is yours?


Grace Mine is silver. And, yeah, I listen to I mean. Yes, I do listen to the Beyonce album on it, but I mainly use it in my bathroom so I can listen to podcasts as I shower. But yeah.


Amy I love that. Oh, I'm going to do that with mine.


Grace Ooh, yeah, yeah. It's really great. Super easy to connect and it's like, yeah, it's like the right amount. It's just like the sound quality is beautiful.


Amy Yeah, yeah. It's so late to do this, but I literally want to have once I carve out an hour of time, 58 minutes time, I want to sit down and re listen to the album on the speaker just to hear it all like authentically again without me, like sharing through all of it.


Grace Oh my God.Yeah, I literally sing along too early. No, when you sing along to a song too early. You don't know all the words.


Amy That was me. I was like, alien superstar whip whip.


Grace Yeah. Like, you need to. Listen to it so you can get to the words. But but like, I'm too impatient. I'm like, okay, learn it. I know the first stanza, so I'll just keep singing along.


Amy That's exactly what I did. And I didn't realize I had done. That until I heard it. And I was like, Wow, there's spelling unique back there. And that's when I was like, Oh, I haven't listened to this album. I just keep screaming over.


Grace And just be like, oh I love her.


Amy I love her so much, Oh, well, I'm glad we are both seen in this way, and I love that both are antidotes. We're about tapping into art, you know, the art of audio and the art of visual, if that's a way to describe it. We'll be back after the break.


Grace Okay. Welcome back to the Antidote. We have a very special guest today. Who is it, Amy?


Amy Our guest today is an actor and, well, one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. While he's maybe best known for seven seasons playing the affable Eric Forman on Fox sitcom That 70 show. He's also been a part of the Marvel Universe, and he's currently starring in Home Economics on ABC and will soon reprise his role as the aforementioned famous Eric Forman on Netflix's upcoming that 90's show. Like what? Oh, he was a bomb ass tennis player in high school and considered going pro. So he's also sad Serena just retired. Please welcome this super talented and currently uninjured. Topher Grace.


Topher Grace Wow. I mean, fantastic intro, guys. I'm here just for that. Whoa.


Grace Oh, my goodness. That 90's Show, I'm so excited. Like, first of all, the nineties is having a whole resurgence right now.


Amy It's happening. It's having a thing, like bell bottoms. I don't know what else.


Topher Grace Someone at Netflix. Put that together and went, wait a second. What if, you know, what year would it be and that in that fictional town. But yeah, I just I just went to do it because I have a day job. I can only do one episode. But it was like everyone was on it. It was so great. Like, everywhere I was like going to a high school reunion and then going back to school in class with your teachers this day and then going like, you know, like having the same locker and all look the same. It was just incredibly cool experience.


Amy Well, Topher is very impressive, isn't he?


Topher Grace Let's not focus on me. Let's focus on you guys. One. Grace. If we got married, your name would be Grace Grace. I think it's really cool.


Amy That's pretty cool.


Grace No, it's very true. And I would be honored.


Topher Grace What is that? What's your middle name?


Grace My middle name is Nkenge. N-K-E-N-G-E, which is Congolese..


Topher Grace That would've been a really interesting name. Grace Nkenge Grace.


Amy Yes.


Grace Grace Nkenge Grace. I love it.


Amy That's an author name right there.


Topher Grace I was embarrassed of my last name when I was younger. A lot of other boys made fun of it and said it was like a girl's name. And then when I got older, I realized every girl wanted it as a last name.


Grace Oh my god, I mean.


Amy Did you get a lot of marriage proposals?


Topher Grace My wife's name is Ashley Elizabeth Hinshaw, and when I married her, her name got so princess-y. So fast. Ashley elizabeth Grace.


Grace Oh, my God. That's so beautiful. That's like iconic.


Topher Grace Queen Ashley elizabeth Grace.


Grace Royal. Yeah. It feels very royal. It feels like, you know, Princess Di.


Topher Grace I see Amy's trying on Amy Grace right now. How does that feel?


Amy I am. Well, I've already tried Amy Edwards because I want to marry Grace. So Amy Grace is also beautiful anyway, that I get to incorporate Grace.


Topher Grace We got, like a kind of a new age thing going on. The three of us - we don't have to put a label on it.


Amy I'm into it.


Grace You know, like I always said that if I have a daughter, I'm going to name her Grace Junior because, like, why can guys only name their kids after themselves? So, so Topher. If we had a kid, it would be Grace.


Topher Grace Grace Grace Grace.


Grace Grace Nkenge Grace Junior. You know.


Topher Grace Fine. I'm leaving my wife. I'll do it.


Grace Just for this girl.


Grace Goodbye Queen.


Topher Grace That is super cool. I mean, come on. She'll understand.


Grace She'll understand. She seems pretty awesome.


Amy She's like I can't beat that. I can't top that. Well, this show is called The Antidote because life is hard, and we all need different antidotes from the bullsh--. So is there anything non-work related that's bringing you joy today? This week? This month?


Topher Grace You know, my wife is pregnant. We're having our third.


Grace Congratulations!


Topher Grace Thank you. And my home life is, like, so different than my work life that I enjoy both. But work is so chaotic. And then we go home and my wife is such a. Like I hate talking about it because Caitlin, by the way, who plays my sister, is like eight months pregnant on the show. So I'm dealing with like I'm here, I'm talking to her and then I'm home. I'm like, I offerred to rub her feet the other day. And then she's like, What? I was like, Sorry. I mean, I thought I was at home.


Amy That's hilarious. No, colleague you can't rub my feet.


Topher Grace She was just like, I don't like that, but I would, you know, could you go get me something? But like, I, I, I hate guys talking about pregnant women. Like, even when they're being positive, I feel like it's like they should just shut up about it. Like, she's such a trooper. I mean.


Amy She's so brave.


Topher Grace Or she's so brave, yea.


Grace I mean, literally, birth is frickin brave. Like when you see what it takes?


Grace Oh no. There's, like, nothing. I can't say enough, you know, like saying to my wife and to Caitlin, I'm like, I wish I could just kind of take your pain. Sorry, you know? Yeah. And even then, my wife's, like, just, like, you know, don't try. Just like me watch bachelor or whatever, but, like, we're having just such an amazing time. We already have two kids, and just, like, it's so peaceful, it's almost like, great, because we didn't go on any vacations because of it. So we're just, like, hanging out at the house. And anyway, my, my home life is like the weekend me is so different than the weekday. So I do. I really enjoy being home.


Amy Nice. Nesting.


Grace It sounds like your wife and your kids are your antidote, which is lovely.


Topher Grace Speaking of nesting, by the way, each time my wife gets pregnant, I think she starts to have like a dream of what it'll be like with this new kid. Now, we joke about it now, but the first child we had, she was like, I feel like I should get an outdoor couch. And I was like, Okay, cool. I think she had like a vision of like, you know, she's out that we know in those sheets. Like, what's the whole deal when there are sheets in the wind?


Amy Yes. Oh, that's my vision to just like drapes outside.


Topher Grace I don't know what role was in her mind. But we kind of like set a thing up and then she. The outdoor furniture is way expensive. I had no idea until this.


Grace Weather proof.


Topher Grace And we had to get. Weatherproof, yea. And it was she used it one time because she's like, you know, it's like a baby. Like she can go outside and hang out. There's a lot of stuff to do. And then the second child, she was like, because we moved to another house, she was like, I want to get like a not like a bed, like not a couch. And I was like, this feels like the same thing and it's not going to happen. And I got it. I was like, I sort of realize this is the tax of just being a husband, you know, someone who's out of it. Okay, cool. So we bought a bed and I swear she hasn't even been out on it once, but she even do one time on it.


Amy Now she wants an outdoor house.


Grace So yea, what's the next one? A whole house?


Amy Third kid. I need a casita.


Topher Grace An outdoor house, but I think that's an outhouse. You talking about an outhouse. So, I mean, she can have whatever she wants, I guess. But I was like on this one, I keep waiting to see what the what the what.


Grace The thing is going to be.


Topher Grace Yeah.


Amy I really love that. It's like manifesting this like calm way, like, oh, it's going to be calm enough that I'll be able to lounge on this. No.


Topher Grace I think three kids is going to be way calmer than two. Yeah, it's going to be more clam.


Amy for sure. For sure.


Grace How old are the other ones?


Topher Grace With a four and a half year old and a two year old and they're actually great and very cute. It's yeah. Home is like. Home is just great right now. But the problem is it is such a I wish I could balance it out better, but I guess everyone's reaching for that balance.


Amy I know someone the other day said work life balance is actually a myth. It's now we should think of work life compatibility or something like that. I think that was the word they use words like, Is your work compatible with the life you want? Is the way you live compatible with the work you do, and because you the balance is actually just doing one a lot and then doing the other a lot.


Topher Grace But that's so right. And really, you know, I actually think you that might be it, which is it is compatible in the sense that yeah, one of the reasons I took the show is 15 minutes away from our house and I get you don't have to travel and I can see my kids all the time. So in that sense, I'm very happy. Yeah.


Amy Yeah, yeah. And sometimes I, I get hard on myself and I don't have kids and I'm still kind of like, I have no time, and I'm like, well, maybe it's because of how you're filling that time and making sure to take space too. Like, pat yourself on the back when you're doing a good job because it sounds like you are.


Topher Grace I'm trying very hard. That's I've never even when I think back to different times that I felt successful in life, I go, you know, it didn't feel successful when it was happening.


Amy Right?


Grace Yeah.


Topher Grace You know, and I actually think I have this weird theory. Why? Because I when 70 show ended, I took off a year and moved to New York and did nothing. I mean, I, I, it kind of robbed me of my, I mean, it was a wonderful experience, but it was like I didn't get to do any of that college stuff. Like, I went to New York and, you know, I skydives and did a bunch of drugs and, and like every night I saw like a Broadway play. I mean, it was like, just whatever I wanted to do. Yeah. So I kind of had my early twenties, like late in my twenties, but that year, nothing like was that challenging? Yeah. And life felt great. And professionally, I was like, just careening downhill. Like, I wasn't trying to do anything at all. And even I don't even think I called my reps that entire year.


Grace I mean, I think that that's great. I feel like one thing that we do forget to do as artists because we're just like, What's the next thing? What's the next thing? What's the next thing is to live? Because I'm sure those experiences that you had in New York I mean, I lived in New York for 15 years. I know. Amy, don't roll your eyes. I talk about being from New York a lot, but I but I lived in New York for quite a time. And New York in your twenties, when you don't have any responsibilities yet, I mean, probably the things you saw, the people you met from all over the world, like I'm sure that informs your work to this day, like as an actor.


Topher Grace Oh, yeah. There was a before and after that time and it was also not even just New York, which is, you know, it's such a unique experience in itself, but also just not working. I started working, I was 19 and I look back and go, Yeah, that is actually really young. You know, at the time I was so ready to get in the world, but I was doing it at a certain point when I was doing movies and the show it was like, I remember, like, I just feel like a robot. Like it was like, you get actually better at what you're doing. The more burnt out. You are ironic. You think you get. Well, I'm sure. Then you get to a certain point and you then can't work anymore. You have.


Amy A point of diminishing returns.


Topher Grace Yeah, exactly. But. But before you hit that point, I think you are actually your mind is so in tune with the needs of the thing you're doing that you actually get. Better at it. But, you know, there's a there's a price. You know, there's a trade off.


Amy Completly. But I for one, for your family, for your wife, and for your current job. I'm so glad you took that year because think of all the like you were in a machine for so long creating an amazing show. But had you not gotten to go wild, it's like, Oh, who would you be now? It's like, I agree with Grace that time must have been crazy, but also almost like pivotal to transforming you into who you are now.


Topher Grace That was wonderful.


Amy I heard about something kind of therapeutic that you do. I heard that you sometimes reedit movies on your own, like Star Wars.


Topher Grace I was hesitant to bring this up because you guys were like, When I listen to Sasheer's episode, you guys were like, What do you do that's not in the industry? I was like, uh oh, like.


Amy But this is okay. This still counts because I think it still counts as something that's not work related because it's not like you're out here trying to become an editor.


Topher Grace Yes. And I.


Amy He's like, actually I applied to a few.


Topher Grace Actually, I want to go, no, no. I really want the directors I work with to know that I don't want to do that. It's a totally separate skill set. You know, the first thing I cut just to learn how to do it was Atonement. Did you ever see that movie?


Amy Yes, I love that movie. The necklace on the floor.


Topher Grace I love that movie, too. But it has these flashbacks. And I was like, I think they could be in like a different order and you could piece it together differently. So I, I mean, I, I did such a hatchet job on it. It had a happy ending. They, they die. In the end, they would have played a whole different version.


Amy It was 35 minutes long.


Topher Grace No, that's the problem. That was literally the problem. I showed it to my friend is like, that's a great short. But that short film is a little long, you know, who's like. And then I was like, I need to find something that has so much footage. People think I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I mean, I like Star Wars like anyone. But I took the new the Natalie Portman ones. That was the new trilogy time. I packed it into 180 minute movie and that's like 10 hours of footage. If you put they they complete the the visual effects. And you know, I start to realize when I talk about this, sometimes I lose people like when I'm at dinner with my wife.


Amy No.


Grace It's fascinating.


Amy No, I truly love. It's so, like, therapeutic and like, kind of just like you're in the zone and it almost feels like you're putting like a hoodie on and you're doing your thing like a DJ or something.


Topher Grace But you, you definitely lose a lot of time. Yeah. Like I haven't been able to do it as much since I had kids, but it feels like Tetris to me. Like that scene is supposed to go here and this connects to that. I just again, I don't want to do it to any of the directors who I work with, my future directors. I, I don't want to edit your thing, but I just loved, I heard I never went to like a drama school, but I heard in like drama school. They make you like both star in the plays, but also do the lights and the wardrobe and all this stuff. And I feel like it's kind of your version of like gaining a context of, of where I am.


Grace So we found out that your first love, like you were a tennis player, like in your younger days. So how did that like did you still play tennis? Is it still like something you do in your life or is that part of your life done and over?


Topher Grace Will I? It will surprise you guys. No, I'm not very athletic on a whole, but I do play tennis from time to time as the sport I was kind of into. I thought I was basically I was really good for this boarding school that I went to and I was on the varsity team and I've been, you know, whatever I had like a letter or whatever. But once I got and by the way, I remember going so far as to think like, would I try this? You know? And then once the minute I got out of school, I went like, Oh my God, I'm terrible. Like, this was just as I was in this little microcosm.


Amy Your big fish in a small pond.


Topher Grace But I basically that's how I got into acting was was I had I sprained my ankle and I couldn't do spring you know, is when I'd had small parts in the spring musical at the school because you could go do small parts, you can do like a lead. And that's what all the girls were doing and in high school and know like I'm going. So then I started writing on. I was like, I can kind of do this thing. And I tried out and I got the lead in this play. A funny thing happened on the forum and like all the drama kids who were like really in the drama club like threatened to quit the show because I was like out of left field. Like, this town is growing here. I wasn't even a jock. I was like, nothing. They were like, Why is this guy? He's not even like he doesn't even spit when he acts, you know, they they were all like, well.


Amy He doesn't care enough to spit.


Topher Grace You know, they were doing those. You know, those like those takes that, you know, real actors are doing in high school where it's like.


Grace Yes.


Topher Grace Like father, you know.


Amy Father!


Topher Grace Father why have you forsaken me, you know, like.


Amy Just the most serious actors.


Grace That is so good.


Topher Grace I like writing jokes and stuff. And by the way, it was a strange production on that show, and the directors didn't show up that much. So we kind of added a lot to it and it wasn't good, but I think it was like very original for high school kids. And that's the show that the producers saw me in. So it was like.


Grace Oh, wow.


Topher Grace Very short after that. Yeah.


Grace You know what there is? There's a book that Oprah talks about a lot. It's called When God Winks. And like when I hear moments and like we talk to a lot of people on this show about their journeys and there's those moments that just lead you along the right path. So, yeah, that sprained ankle was your moment, so you make a whole transition. You had no idea that it would lead you down a whole life path, a whole life career. That that is so cool.


Topher Grace It's so interesting to look at is I was bummed like in that that's so funny about what you're saying. It's like when you're really bummed about something like Step Back, it might actually be the best thing that ever happened to me.


Amy And the worst thing to happen to them drama kids because I mean, they're like I didn't get the lead.


Topher Grace Let me tell you something.


Grace But I know Topher Grace.


Topher Grace They all tot this day. They all think if I hadn't tried out, they would have starred in, you know.


Grace Wow. No.


Amy Sorry.


Grace And then as somebody who is president, president of the thespians in high school.


Topher Grace Oh no, Grace. Are you are you one of the people? You were mad at me?


Grace I was one of those people.


Topher Grace Grace. I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry. I just had my own take on the material.


Grace Don't apologize to me because. You know what? But I. But I understand what that like when you get into, like, these theater, like, communities, and you're like, we're the theater kids. We wear our adversity jackets, too, with our theater. Like, I was one of those nerds. So I understand, like the the absolute crazy situation you probably walked into as like someone who just auditioned for a play once that all of a sudden was the lead. Like, I know they were big, man.


Topher Grace But Grace, here's my question, because you're obviously an original mind. And, you know, any school that had like a big deal theater department that their plays were like kind of like the kids were like robots, like they were doing like a low rent Broadway play. And I'm sure, Grace, if you were involved with the production, you were probably not. You're probably going to do your own thing in the same way, right?


Grace Yeah. I mean, I knew I, you know, I wanted to be an actor since I was like eight years old. So like I yeah, I was really trying to, trying to do it. But yeah, I think I was different. I think I was kind of like you because I came from like a Catholic school to like this public school. And so like all the theater kids, like, they knew each other because they had viewed theater in like middle school together. So I was kind of like the fresh face too. And yeah, I never bought into the cliquish ness of that, honestly. I was like the little drama teacher's pet, and everybody was mad at me. They're like, Why does Grace?


Topher Grace And where are they now, Grace? It's just you and me here. Where are they now?


Grace I'm talking to. You. You know what I'm saying?


Topher Grace They're listening right now and they're going. Yeah, you got em. Because your show is all about being peaceful. I'm talking about revenge, but. No, but you know what? Sweet.


Amy Well, you know what? We are unbothered, and that is the point. Topher. We feel so much better now that we've talked to you. Thank you so much for coming.


Topher Grace Yeah, me too. This is as fun as I thought it would be. So thank you guys.


Grace Yes. Do you have anything? Well, obviously you have something coming up that you would like to plug. You want to tell us when and where we can find Home Economics.


Topher Grace You can watch Home Economics. The real answer is Hulu anytime but it is on Wednesday nights at 930 on ABC. And and, you know, enjoy. I don't know or don't watch it. I mean, do whatever you want to do. Don't let me tell you what to do.


Grace Watch it live because you get better residuals that way.


Topher Grace Yeah, actually watch live. Forget the whole hulu thing.


Amy It only is available on ABC at 930.


Topher Grace It's only available night of. Okay. And if you have the Nielsen box, if you're listening and you have a Nielsen box, just put it on. You don't even have to watch it. Okay?


Amy Put it on. You walk out of the room, leave it on. And where can people find you? On the Internet?


Topher Grace Uh just my name. I'm not very active that. Sorry, I'm getting older, but I do have a Twitter that I sometimes do things on and sometimes Instagram. But I. I'm like, you know what I found? I'll tell you guys little secret. Now that I've had kids and the pandemic happened, I just like, I'm scrolling back like five years for like for pictures. I have zero content.


Amy You're like, it's all tb. What is it? Throwback Thursday Tbt.


Topher Grace Yeah, it's all Tbt.


Grace You know, people love those, actually. So I believe that people wouldn't just consume just old pictures of you from before, so I'm gonna check you out.


Topher Grace Or just hit up Google. Just type my name into Google. You get a bunch of those images.


Amy Go to Google Images. That's where you can find them on the Internet. Google.


Topher Grace Yeah, look at me, look at me on Google.


Amy Thank you so much Topher.


Grace Just Google me real quick. Thank you so much.


Topher Grace Can you Google me real quick? Before we go can you guys just Google me real quick? Thanks.  Let me know what's going on with me. Thanks you guys.


Amy Bye.


Grace Okay to close this out. We're doing our creative tap in, which is our segment about creativity. Amy, are you ready for this quote?


Amy I sure am. Hit me.


Grace Okay. The beauty of art is that it allows you to slow down. And for a moment, things that once seemed unfamiliar become precious to you. And that is by Kehinde Wylie. I'll say it one more time. The beauty of art is that it allows you to slow down. And for a moment, things that once seemed unfamiliar become precious to you. Kehinde Wylie, who painted Barack Obama for the Portrait Gallery, among other amazing things.


Amy I don't know what the term is, but there's a term in like psychology where when you see something once for the first time and you are market, you start to see it over and over again. I thought it was insight learning, but it's not insight learning. I can't remember the term as but what this quote kind of makes me think about is that how where are you going to be moving through the world and be like in your head and not seeing certain things, but then like one day you'll pass by like a neighbor's house or something and be like, Oh, those are really pretty pink flowers. And then after that, every day you walk by, you notice the pink flowers. Or if you like, you know, drive a certain car. You're you're thinking of buying a certain car or something, and suddenly you're driving around the city and you see that car everywhere. And it's not that there's more of that car. It's just it was unfamiliar and now it's precious to you. That's what this quote kind of makes me think of, is that when you slow down to notice something specific, that specificity can continue to pop up in your day, in your life. And sometimes that can be not only just in art, like visual art, like the things that I've mentioned, but also story themes, like as writers times when someone will be like, No one's ever done a show about blah, blah, blah, and then you'll be in conversation with a friend at another time, and suddenly that topic will come up again and you're like, Oh! And it kind of keeps planting in your head until you start to kind of work it out later and start coming up with what it could be. That's what this makes me think of. That's something just out of reach suddenly becomes like, important in some way. And then sometimes as an artist, you can't shake it until you deal with it.


Grace Yeah. Or make it into something.


Amy Yeah. Yeah. What does that make you think of?


Grace Yeah. You know, it makes me think of a couple of things. The first thing, it makes me think I was talking to my friend er the other day and there they just read The Color Purple again and then they mentioned this quote I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple and it feels somewhere and don't notice it. And so this quote combined with that quote is that we are often as human beings, partially by necessity, like rushing through life and not stopping to notice things like we live in Los Angeles, like there's a lot of beauty, there's mountains and you know, yeah, some of it's a concrete jungle, but but there's palm trees and, you know, you can go on hikes and there's so much beauty that's everywhere. Like it's sort of a tropical location. I mean, I guess it's a desert, but, you know, you you could see like citrus trees and such beautiful flowers. And sometimes when I'm going on a walk, I, like, make myself. I'm just like, Grace, stop, drop into this moment. And look around. And sometimes I just notice, like, the most beautiful colors, the birds and the sounds that I'm hearing. I mean, this is something that, you know, meditation and stuff is like helping me tune into. And I feel like the art of being an artist is to notice. Like when I was in New York, it was like the perfect opportunity for this. Like, obviously, there's interesting people in Los Angeles as well, but we're often in our cars and stuff like that. But I remember just like walking down the street in New York or sitting on the subway and listening to someone's conversation, or sometimes I used to like to just go to Central Park with a book and yeah, I would be reading my book, but every so often I would look up and I would look around at the people and I would imagine what their lives were like and like, Oh, I wonder if that I wonder if they're just they're dating or they've been dating a while or. And then I'd make up little stories for myself and in their head. In my head. And I used to do that, you know, both as an actor and as a writer. And it's those moments, that sort of color in the texture of your work when you are trying to fill in, Oh my God, this scene is kind of land here. I need like something.


Amy Something.


Grace To like spice it up that I'll remember, like this moment I had or this thing I saw this person a thing. And that it does become precious to is just like because you're just like, Oh, my God, I can, like, spice up my scene spike and spice up my work, spice up my characterization with this thing that I saw that now is quite precious because now it's become part of my work. So yeah, that's what it made me think. Noticing things around you. And I think that even if you aren't an artist, I think it's just genuinely important to like instead of rushing around through your day, like, to, to just take a moment, like if you're going for a walk, take a moment to look at the grass and the trees and the people. If you are in your home, like, oh my God, that piece of art that I bought in that place, like, just think about like how much you love looking at it. Like, it's really just about this quote to me just means sort about dropping into whatever moment you're in and either using that for art or just using that for the thing that we are always creating, which is our own lives.


Amy Yeah, I love that. That's great.


Grace Okay. So thank you for listening to the antidote. We hope that this injected a little bit of joy into your week. I know it did mine. How about you, Amy?


Amy I feel good, girl. We should do this again sometime. Oh, we'll be here next week.


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